PH-based Bajaj RE owners' numbers continue to grow

Bohol Bajaj RE

The number of Bajaj RE owners continues to grow in the Philippines, the local arm of the three-wheeler company shared.


  • How many Bajaj RE three-wheelers now ply the streets of Pasay?

    Approximately more than 70 Bajaj RE three-wheelers now ply the streets of Pasay.
  • What is the fuel economy recorded by the Bajaj RE?

    The Bajaj RE clocks in at 25-30 kilometers per liter.
  • Per Bajaj Philippines, the RE is becoming one of the popular choices for transport and personal use, allowing the company to extend its reach in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

    Leveriza-Pasay-Bajaj RE

    For example, Bajaj RE passenger moto-taxis was able to invade what is known as the multicab capital of the National Capital Region, Pasay City. Thanks to the pioneers of the Leveriza-Pasay Transport Service Cooperative, more than 70 RE three-wheelers now ply the streets of Pasay.

    Per Trimotors Technology Corporation  (TTC), passengers find the traffic more bearable because of the Bajaj RE’s ergonomic seats.

    In Bohol, the Bajaj RE is said to be the “first choice” of locals.

    The three-wheeler is said to be everywhere in the municipality as Boholanos have found that using the three-wheeled mover is a cost-efficient upgrade from traditional motorcycles.

    TTC shared that Bajaj owners enjoy more earnings, thanks to the vehicle's 25-30 kilometers per liter fuel economy.

    Zamboanga Bajaj REBajaj also noted that the RE three-wheeler has also made its mark in Zamboanga.

    Used both for public and personal transport, Zamboangenos have admired the vehicle for its durability and capabilities in conquering uphill, downhill, paved, or rough provincial roads.

    “This 2024, be wise in choosing your partner for success. Experience the cost-efficiency, durability, and comfort that over 100,000 Filipinos have enjoyed with the Bajaj Three-wheelers,” Bajaj wrote in a press statement.

    Photos from Bajaj Philippines

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    • Bajaj RE owners on the rise in PH
      Bajaj RE owners on the rise in PH
      Paulo Papa . Jan 08, 2024
    • Bajaj RE is Antipolo City’s tricycle group's trusted partner
      Bajaj RE is Antipolo City’s tricycle group's trusted partner
      Hazel Nicole Carreon . Oct 02, 2023