Bajaj 3-wheelers: tool to boost local tourism

Bajaj three-wheelers

Trimotors Technology Corporation (TTC)— distributor of Bajaj three-wheeled vehicles in the Philippines— shared that its offerings can be a good tool to promote local tourism.


  • What are the local powertrain options of Bajaj three-wheelers?

    The engine options for local Bajaj three-wheelers vary from 199.88 to 236.22 cubic centimeters.
  • How much is the current down payment of a Bajaj RE?

    TTC said that buyers of the Bajaj Re may acquire the vehicle through a P6,999 down payment deal.
  • In a statement, the company noted its lineup’s capabilities that will help tourists get to the country’s scenic spots in a safe, secure, and fun manner.

    According to TTC, its vehicles' engines (ranging from 199.88 to 236.22 cubic centimeters [cc>) provide powerful yet smooth output that can guarantee a relaxed ride throughout every journey.

    Bajaj three-wheelers

    The vehicles assure balance and safety, thanks to the symmetrical design and built-in rear seat metal doors. The ergonomic seats found in every Bajaj three-wheeler provides comfort to riders and passengers even after long hours on the road.

    TTC also said that its three-wheel offerings ensure protection against harsh weather conditions since each one has a wide upright windshield and transparent hood.

    Moreover, TTC ensured that long distance rides with Bajaj three-wheelers can be more entertaining with its built-in MP3 player that helps occupants enjoy the scenery while listening to good music.

    Furthermore, TTC said that Tagaytay, Siargao, and Bohol have already started using Bajaj three-wheeled models to bring local and foreign tourists to beautiful destinations.

    Bajaj three-wheelers

    “To get inspired for your next vacay destination, watch out for the six festival-inspired Bajaj REs operating around the cities of Pasay-Manila and experience the next level commute,” TTC shared.

    “Hop in this tourism month with your own Sakay at Biyahe, and get your own Bajaj RE for only P6,999 down payment,” the company invited.

    Photos from Trimotors Technology Corporation

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