A pocked-sized James Bond car: The Aston Martin DB5 Junior


The Little Car Company, Aston Martin, and EON Productions announced the launch of a No Time To Die special edition Aston Martin DB5 Junior.

This two-thirds scale version comes with a fully electric powertrain, and gadgets inspired by James Bond's car. Only 125 examples of the toy car will be made, and will cost £90,000 (roughly P6.2 million) apiece. 

Chris Corbould consulted with The Little Car Company to make smaller the movie car's complex gadgets. Corbould is an Oscar-winning special effects supervisor who has worked on 15 James Bond films. 


All the DB5 Junior's gadgets are operated by individual controls in a hidden switch panel in the passenger door. At the push of a button, the headlights drop to reveal a twin set of simulated Gatling guns, complete with imitation barrel blasts and flashes.

Meanwhile, the skid mode is said to come in handy when caught in a tight spot. The replica has a unique digital number plate activated through the hidden control panel.

Just like the original car, this special edition can produce a smoke screen to aid a successful getaway. Ejected through the rear faux exhaust, the smoke has a supply tank which supplies an hour of safe smoke before it needs topping up.


To pay homage to the real car, the DB5 Junior will wear Silver Birch paintwork, Smiths instruments, individually numbered chassis plates, and Aston Martin badging. 

During the extensive development and months of collaboration between the three companies, an original DB5 was 3D-scanned for reference to allow a completely accurate reproduction.

As the Junior is an EV,  the fuel gauge has been converted into a battery meter, while the oil temperature now monitors the motor temperature. The car's range is estimated at 80 miles (128 kilometers). 


The DB5 Junior's convertible body style allows side-by-side seating for an adult and child. 

A quick-release steering wheel allows for a speedy entry and exit for the driver, and when they need to stop in a hurry, regenerative braking and high-performance Brembo disc brakes are ready. Bilstein dampers and coil over springs suspend the car. 

Photos from Aston Martin

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