A quick look inside the Nissan Juke

nissan juke

Once upon a time, Nissan Philippines had the Nissan Juke in its lineup. And because there’s still no news from Nissan’s local arm whether the compact crossover will be returning soon, car buyers looking to add one to their garage would have to search for the Juke in the second-hand car market. Luckily, Carmudi Philippines, the country’s number-one used-car platform, is here to help you find a suitable Juke.


  • Is the Nissan Juke still available from Nissan Philippines?

    Currently, Nissan Philippines is not offering the Juke.
  • Where can I get the Nissan Juke?

    You can purchase a vetted used Juke by visiting our website, carmudi.com.ph.
  • But before you splash the cash, here’s a quick look at what’s inside the first-gen, PH-spec Nissan Juke.

    nissan juke

    1. Retro-looking interior

    The Nissan Juke sports a retro-looking interior. That said, expect to see a lot of round elements which can be found all over the compact crossover’s cabin. Everything from the analog instrument panel, the buttons on the steering wheel, controls for the A/C and the infotainment system unit, the A/C vents, the edges of the shift knob, and the center console are all rounded.

    And like most cars manufactured in that period, the Nissan Juke sports a lot of interior chrome trims. More of the early 2000’s zeitgeist come at you with plenty of orange lighting that are likewise found at the dash.

    2. Little room to spare

    The Nissan Juke is a compact crossover. So, those looking to drive one home should expect limited legroom and headroom, especially for the rear passengers. The second-row seats can accommodate two adults, but bringing your big-boned pamangkin for the ride might make those sitting at the back a tad uncomfortable.

    On paper, the Juke has a 251-liter cargo capacity, and with the rear seats folded, can be extended to 830 liters. It does give you space for additional gear but at the cost of two (or three) travel buddies.

    3. Comfortable seats.

    Making up for the cramped interior are Nissan Juke’s comfortable seats. They are finished with fabric and have decent bolstering on each side. The cushioning feels like it can keep passengers snug even on long drives and the black hue of the seats tell that they won’t be dirt magnets.

    Interested in driving home a Nissan Juke? Check out Carmudi Philippines’ selection of pre-loved units here.

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