Another Volkswagen factory celebrates its one-millionth vehicle milestone

Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga

It's always a huge deal when a car manufacturer makes its one-millionth vehicle for the first time. But for Volkswagen, reaching just one million is just the start. especially when you've reached that important milestone three times already.

Allow us to give you a rundown of where these milestones took place:

Volkswagen Wolfsburg, Germany

Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga

Volkswagen Wolfsburg might not ring a lot of bells when you hear them, but what they made after World War II would make a mark in the world as one of the best-selling vehicles that has ever been made.

The vehicle was the ever-lovable Volkswagen Beetle. Officially called Volkswagen Type 1Käfer (meaning "beetle" / Lady Bug Coccinellidae) and Coccinelle (in France), this two-door, "people's car" was actually Adolf Hitler's brainchild during his reign in Germany. It was conceptually designed by Béla Barényi in 1925, and finalized by lead engineer Ferdinand Porsche and his team.

The Beetle's influence not only made affordable yet quality cars accessible, but it also marked a significant trend in automotive innovation. For instance, it made rear-engine, real-wheel-drive a household name in continental Western Europe in the 50s. Moreover, it influenced General Motors' air-cooled, rear-engine vehicle, the Chevrolet Corviar, and even has a similar flat engine and swing axle architecture like the Beetle's.

Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga

The Beetle's popularity eventually carried over in the United States, and by 1955, it would go on to become one of the best-selling vehicles ever. Volkswagen Wolfsburg was the first one to manufacture its one-millionth Beetle. And to commemorate this event, the factory painted the vehicle gold, with bumpers lined in rhinestones to add a dash of glamour and drama.

Today, this one-millionth Beetle resides in the Wolfsburg's AutoStadt Museum.

Volkswagen Puebla, Mexico City

The Beetle's popularity was so great that Volkswagen decided to open its first factory in Puebla, Mexico City.

Known as "vochos", the Beetle stopped being sold in the United States in the 70s, but was still a viable choice in Mexico. During the 80s, Volkswagen Puebla introduced its one-millionth red Beetle at the factory. This festivity was attended not just by Volkswagen executives, partners, and its employees, but also Mexican government officials.

Volkswagen Chattanooga, USA

Situated in Hamilton County, Tennessee, Volkswagen's Chattanooga plant achieved its one-millionth vehicle  with the Aurora Red Metallic 2020 Volkswagen Passat R-Line.

Red Volkswagen Passat

The Passat marked Volkswagen’s return to assembling vehicles in America, after the Westmoreland facility in Pennsylvania stopped operations in 1987. It was specifically created for the North American market, which prefers the kind of interior and trunk space that mid-sized sedans offer to its passengers.

Photos from Volkswagen

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