Aston Martin Vantage returns as F1 safety car


Apparently, Aston Martin will have more than two cars in this year’s Formula 1 season — but neither Vettel nor Stroll will be behind the wheel. Aside from the sexy AMR22, the 2022 Formula 1 safety car will also be wearing the wings of the Gaydon-based automotive brand.


  • What Aston Martin model with be F1's safety car?

    It will be the Aston Martin Vantage.
  • What Aston Martin will be the F1 medical car?

    It will be the Aston Martin DBX.
  • In a recent press release, the British car company announced that the Aston Martin Vantage will continue to be the organization’s official safety car, a role it shared with the Mercedes AMG GT R in 2021.

    According to Aston Martin, the Vantage safety car will support 12 of this year’s 23-race season starting with the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne. Here, the Vantage will be joined by the DBX which will also continue its function as this year’s official medical car.

    Both the Aston Martin Vantage and the Aston Martin DBX will wear a similar color as the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula 1 Team’s entry vehicle although they will be fitted with different equipment to help them with their duty while on the track.


    In addition to the supplementary FIA safety car livery, the Vantage will also be fitted with bodyside-mounted radio antennas, an LED rear number plate, and a bespoke, roof-mounted LED light bar. Inside are devices that give the driver and passenger access to the FIA’s marshaling system as well as cameras that provide TV footage.


    The DBX, on the other hand, has been uniquely modified to be able to keep up with the fastest cars in the world while carrying a lot of equipment such as fire extinguishers and defibrillators as well as a large medical bag. That said, it’s equipped with a 542hp engine that sends the SUV from standstill to 62mph in as fast as 4.5 seconds.

    Like the safety car, the medical car will also have access to the marshaling system and TV screens so that the doctor can see exactly what is happening in the race as he sits, ready to go in the pit lane.

    "It is a continuing source of pride for myself and the whole company to see our cars playing a crucial role in Formula 1. Vantage and DBX will be featured at 12 Grand Prix races this year and, as much as I hope they won’t be called upon too often in the races, I think we all know they will be busy again as F1 enters this new era. We’re excited to be part of the show!” said Aston Martin Lagonda Chief Executive Officer Tobias Moers.

    Last weekend, the teams have started their pre-season track session in Spain which will be followed by another practice session in Bahrain. The first round of the 2022 Formula 1 season kicks off at the 5.412-km Bahrain International Circuit on March 18 to 20.

    Photos from Aston Martin

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