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Aston Martin Volante Vision concept takes Luxury into New Heights

Aston Martin peeks into the future as it introduced the Volante Vision, a luxury aircraft concept. Yes, it is like a flying car and I can’t help but think of the cartoon series “The Jetsons.” The British automaker developed the Volante Vision concept in partnership with Cranfield University, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions, and Rolls-Royce Aerospace with the aim to bring luxury transportation to the sky. The Volante Vision has a futuristic look as well as a sci-fi like aesthetic appeal, which would make George Jetson’s jaw drop.

This luxury concept aircraft features vertical take-off and landing capabilities. It is also equipped with the latest aerospace technology as well as electric and autonomous technologies. The Volante Vision concept can accommodate up to three occupants and Aston Martin added it previews a flying autonomous hybrid-electric vehicle for urban air travel.

However, it is just a concept and it may take years before Aston Martin decides to make this idea into a reality. One of the positive things we can get from the Volante Vision is that automakers like Aston Martin are continuously working to improve and to evolve mobility. Who would have thought that self-driving cars can be possible? Moreover, electric cars are strongly becoming the next big thing in the automotive industry. Who knows, flying cars may be a common sight sooner than you think.

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