Bentley adds new personalization options for bespoke commissions


According to Bentley, the demand for its bespoke commissions has tripled since 2020, prompting the British luxury carmaker to open new options for customers looking to customize their vehicles.


  • How much did Bentley's bespoke commission grow since 2020?

    According to Bentley, its bespoke commissions grew three times since 2020.
  • What are the two new additions to Bentley's bespoke options?

    Bentley expands its customization services with the addition of the 18K Gold Plated Organ Stops and an increased selection of open-pore veneers.
  • 18K-Gold-Plated-Organ-Stops

    One of these options includes the 18K Gold Plated Organ Stops, a feature that Bentley says dates back to their early days at Le Mans and pays homage to the original Bentley Boys. The gold-plated stops provide the interior of optioned Bentley vehicles with an iconic and timeless finish.


    Another notable addition to Bentley’s customization options is an increased selection of open-pore veneers. Bentley said that these interior finishes were inspired by the natural effect of Stone veneers, expanding the marque’s latest offering with the addition of Liquid Amber, Vavona, and Tamo Ash in more sustainable open-pore finishes.

    Bentley adds that all of the open-pore veneers are treated with an ultra-thin matt lacquer solely for protection and gives the surface the natural texture of the wood, varying from the more traditional smooth gloss finished and using 90 percent less lacquer.

    The abovementioned additions to Bentley’s personalization services can be found in the Mulliner Personal Commissioning Guide. The directory offers a unique mix of traditional and contemporary options that will appeal to Bentley’s diverse and extraordinary clients allowing the Crewe-based company’s customers to select bespoke hide colors, painted veneers, personalized interior stitching, tweed trimmed door inserts, and a huge array of color-matched wheels, to name a few.

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