Brushing through the palette of the Maxus G50 MPV


The Maxus G50 entered the local MPV segment in August of 2020, and since then attracted many Filipino car buyers thanks to its modern-looking exterior and likewise contemporary interior. As of the moment, the Maxus G50 is currently offered in three variants, which feature a rich palette of colors to match one’s tastes.


  • How many colors does the Maxus G50 have?

    The Maxus G50 is currently offered in seven colors.
  • How many variants does the Maxus G50 have?

    The Maxus G50 is offered in three variants.
  • Interested to find out which color best suits you and this modern-day MPV? Join us as we brush through the palettes of the Maxus G50.


    1. Roland Purple

    This is the Maxus G50’s poster color. The purple MPV looks flashy and flamboyant, making it ideal for those who want to stand out — both on the road and in the parking lot. If you’re the type who likes to be noticed everywhere you go, then picking a purple G50 would definitely suit you.

    This color reminds us of an era when Xzibit used to knock on people’s doors, roast people’s rides, bring them to his crew’s garage, and return them in pristine pimped-up condition. Good times.

    You’ll find the Roland Purple on Maxus G50’s Elite and Premium models.

    2. Polar Ash

    A fancy name for gray, Polar Ash makes for a great choice for those who like their rides to look simple and subtle. Overall, a Maxus G50 in Polar Ash looks plain, straightforward, no-fuss, MPV.

    Polar Ash is also available on the MPV’s Elite and Premium variants.

    3. Deep Golden

    This hue offers a dark shade of gold which adds an element of strength and security to the color typically associated with opulence and luxury. That said, the Deep Golden paint is available only on Maxus G10’s Elite variant.

    4. Warm White

    A rather universal color, white works well with almost any style and any attire. In fact, Warm White is the only color in the Maxus G50 palette that’s available in all three variants.

    5. Warm Argent

    Warm Argent is a great color for drivers who are often on the fly. It’s a rather low-maintenance paint as it can easily hide dust and dirt, allowing the G50 to look good even without consistent cleaning.

    A paint that leans closer to practicality, you’ll find Warm Argent on the base variant of the Maxus G50.

    6. Metal Black

    Black is a great color for those who want their G50s to look intimidating. The pitch-black paint emanates power and ambition, which adds an element of intimidation to the Maxus MPV.

    Like the aforementioned Warm Argent, Metal Black is available only on the Pro variant of the Maxus G50.

    7. Water Blue

    Lastly, we’ve got Water Blue. This cool and calming color is perfect for drivers who are level-headed and are never rattled on the road. That said, it’s a great choice if you want an MPV that embodies these characters.

    Water Blue is offered only on Maxus G50’s Pro variant.

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