Chery builds new research lab to focus on new energy and intelligent connected vehicles


Chery, in a recent press release, announced its plans to establish a state-of-the-art research laboratory as the Chinese state-owned automobile manufacturer looks to turn its focus onto new energy and intelligent connected vehicles.


  • What is Chery's newly established facility?

    Chery's newly established facility is the China (Anhui) New Energy Vehicles and Intelligent Connected Vehicles Industry Research Institute.
  • What is Chery's Bell Labs?

    Per Chery, the China (Anhui) New Energy Vehicles and Intelligent Connected Vehicles Industry Research Institute will soon span a series of themed labs which will ultimately lead to the creation of its Bell Labs.
  • Chery

    The announcement came soon after Chery held a promotional press conference for its newly inaugurated China (Anhui) New Energy Vehicles and Intelligent Connected Vehicles Industry Research Institute. According to the Wuhu-based automotive brand, the aforementioned research institute will have a series of themed laboratories for original innovations, eventually leading to the establishment of Chery's “Bell Labs.”

    This “Bell Labs,” per Chery, will be its most advanced research facility and will allow the brand to further its advance in new energies, intelligent connections, shared transit platforms, and ecologies. The newly constructed research facility, as well as the planned Bell laboratory, will provide Chery with the means to produce revolutionary and original technical breakthroughs.

    Chery’s research institute, based on the press release, is based on China (Anhui) New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicles Technology Development and Public Service Platform and is dedicated to making breakthroughs on a series of bottleneck technologies for new energy and intelligent connected vehicles.

    The research institute includes two main components: an automobile research institute and an industrial incubation center. The former will play a significant role in Chery’s platform development, powertrain development, and will serve as its self-driving vehicle proving grounds, among others.

    Chery has so far established a research and development system that includes six major R&D centers in North America, Europe, and Shanghai, has submitted over 23,000 patent applications, of which more than 14,000 are already granted, including nearly one-third of the innovation patents, ranking first for eight consecutive years on China (Anhui) Top 100 invention patents rankings; and has undertaken over 170 programs including the National Key Technology R&D Program and National Basic Research Program.

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