Coco Martin proves truth behind ‘The Power of Dreams’


It’s no secret that Coco Martin came from humble beginnings. Today, not only is he Honda Philippines’ celebrity ambassador but the multi-talented actor is an inspiration to many Filipinos thanks to his story of success proving what “The Power of Dreams” can do in changing lives.


  • How did Coco Martin hone his riding skills?

    In his youth, Coco Martin used a Honda tricycle to learn to ride.
  • What Honda motorcycle is Coco Martin's favorite?

    Coco Martin's favorite is the X-ADV.
  • Martin said that like most young men, owning a motorcycle has always been his dream. He also adds that it reminds him of fun teenage memories, but most of all, his modest life pre-stardom.

    “I learned to ride a motorcycle when I was in high school. I was raised by my grandmother. I didn’t want to be a burden and wanted to help in my own way, so, I took it upon myself to wash our tricycle in the evening after it finished making trips during the day,” shared the actor.

    Martin also said that the time he spent cleaning their tricycle is what sparked his interest in motorcycles.

    The young Coco Martin learned to master the handlebars in a cemetery and he remembers it with fondness every time he shares his story, “as soon as my grandfather falls asleep, I would take my friends with me. We’d bring our tricycle to the cemetery where my friend would teach me to ride a motorcycle.”

    “We used to have a store when I was young, and when my grandfather headed out to Uniwide on Quirino highway, my friend and I would drive around the parking lot. It was really fun, and before I knew it, I already knew how to drive a motorbike,” recalled Martin.

    Martin says that being able to drive a motorcycle gave him a source of income while in college and instead of asking his grandparents for money, Martin would use their tricycle as a way to earn money for school.

    He adds that back in his youth, owning a motorcycle was seen as a status symbol and that he felt like he was driving a sports car when sitting on top of the saddle.

    As one of the celebrities who surely knows what it means to rise from the ranks through perseverance and persistence, Martin proved that nothing is impossible for someone who’s focused on making his dream come true. “When I had a job, I really wanted to fulfill that dream, having my own motorcycle,” said Martin.

    Martin did not only realized the dream of owning his own motorbike, but he also became Honda Philippines’ official celebrity ambassador. “It was always my dream to become Honda’s ambassador. I never thought it would happen though because when you say Honda, you know that the motorcycle you are using is a standout and of good quality,” Martin shared.

    Now a happy owner of several Honda motorcycles, one of Martin’s favorite among his collection is ultimately the X-ADV, which for him brings a lot of excitement and great experiences. “I really loved the X-ADV because it’s not just fast, it also offers a comfortable ride thanks to its front and rear suspension, so you’d know you’re always safe,” said the primetime king.


    For the actor, work and play come together as he and his friends ride their way to work. “I usually ride my motorcycle to work, often with my friends from FPJ Ang Probinsyano. I frequently ride with co-workers and Jonh Pratts to the set, because our location is about an hour from where we’re staying. We wake up early in the morning, around 5:00 am, and ride at dawn to the shooting location allowing us to have fun at work because we really like driving motorcycles,” he shared.

    Coco Martin’s success is proof that there’s power the moment you start dreaming. Just like Honda, he’s a symbol of courage and conviction to imagine and make dreams a reality. Indeed, it’s only just the beginning for someone like him who believes that “you’ll never know where your dream will lead you.”

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