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Things We Like in Honda BeAT

Modern styling: The BeAT is targeted at the youth and the scooter sports a modern styling. It comes in seven attractive color options

Extremely frugal: The scooter is highly fuel-efficient. It has a mileage of more than 60kmpl. This removes refuelling worries during long rides

Potent powertrain: The 110cc engine produces 9 PS and 9 Nm. This makes for a potent powertrain that is ideal for city traffic. The acceleration is prompt

Great Braking: The BeAT has great braking power. The front wheel has a disc brake. That aside, Honda’s comb-braking system activates both brakes simultaneously

Things We Don't Like in Honda BeAT

Intrusive suspension: The BeAT comes with conventional telescopic front forks and a rear swingarm. Trying to speed up on bad roads leads to a bumpy ride

Lightweight: While being lightweight aids in handling, it also means that the scooter is quick to lose balance. Cornering at high speed is best avoided with this scooter

Expensive: The Hona BeAT is more expensive than most of its rivals. The BeAT is packed with features and maybe that’s why it commands a higher price.    

City only: The Honda BeAT is only meant for driving in the city. It’s not even a mid-distance performer.

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