Covering the beat: A look at why riders are choosing the new BeAT


Motorcycles have been one of the fastest-growing means of transportation here in the Philippines, especially during the height of the global pandemic.

Not only do they offer owners a means to go from Point A to Point B without rubbing elbows with other passengers; they’re also easy to own, easy to drive, and likewise, easy to maintain.

Take the new Honda BeAT, for example. It’s been the go-to motorcycle for both moto vloggers, engineers, businessmen, and happy riders alike. Interested to find out why the new BeAT is their ride of choice? Here’s what they have to say.

A romantic ride


The series of community lockdowns during the pandemic did take a toll on everyone’s sanity. That said, when they eased quarantine restrictions, many of us just had to hit the road and travel — just like Leoned Adriano.

The 25-year-old content creator shares that his fondest memory of riding his motorcycle is when he and his girlfriend rode to get a feel of the cool breeze of Tagaytay.

“The new BeAT is highly recommended for everyone who’s aiming for a compact, durable, and fuel-efficient motorcycle,” said Adriano.

Riding the new BeAT not only saves him money and gasoline because of its Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-Fi); it also gives him a romantic weekend refresher with his loved one, minus the hassle.

Speaking of hassles…

Hassle-free travel companion in the new normal


The local transport system was affected by the global health crisis, making it difficult for most professionals to travel. So, for Glen Kevin Rivera, an engineer by profession and a full-time vlogger, buying a motorcycle was his best option.

“It is very light, easy to maneuver, and it has an engine power of 110cc,” Rivera said.

Aside from its fuel-efficient system, The new BeAT also has ACG Starter (Electric & Kick) Technology, an advanced feature introduced by Honda that under 115cc motorcycles don’t have.

A suitable business partner


Motorcycles can also be business partners. The pandemic has given way to new revenue streams as most of us relied on delivery services for our daily supplies and necessities.

Marck Luie Mercado, a 23-year-old moto-vlogger and a BPO employee, shares that his new BeAT does not only take him to where he needs to be but also offers an alternative source of income.

“I decided to have The new BeAT to start using Grab delivery service and for daily use. I chose The new BeAT for its looks and good fuel economy,” said Mercado.

“Yes, I would highly recommend it, especially for beginners who would like a long-term bike for their business or their daily usage, no more thinking twice,” he added.

It has a seating height of 740mm, suitable for all riders. Its trendy and dynamic design makes for a stylish ride wherever you go.

Reliable motorcycle


Honda has made a name for itself for manufacturing motorcycles that have proven themselves in terms of reliability. That’s why social worker and a current National President of BeAT Fi Owners Club Philippines, Jozon Siroy, the new Honda BeAT is definitely hard to beat.

“The specs of this motorcycle and some safety features enticed me to buy it. And I choose to ride The new BeAT because of some good reviews I read from the various social networking sites,” Siroy swore.

This motorcycle also features the Enhanced Smart Power (eSP), Combi Brake System (CBS), Informative Semi-Digital Meter Panel with Eco Indicator, tubeless tires, attractive headlight, and signal light combination cluster, sharp tail light brake, and signal light cluster.

Not only does Siroy use it for his daily commute but also on occasional club rides.

A dependable companion


“I have been using my motorcycle for almost four years now. It’s dependable and not once did it fail me in doing my job as a messenger for a private company. What I love most about this motorcycle is its design. It never goes out of style,” shared Jay Cabuhan.

He added that sometimes, he rides his motorcycle to unwind and feel the breeze as he travels to Antipolo City or visit that Venice-inspired open-air mall in Taguig City.

The new Honda BeAT comes three new stripe design variants: the Street (STD), Fashion Sport (STD), and Premium (ISS/CBS) design with an SRP of P67,400, P67,400, and P70,400, respectively.

Photos from Honda

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