REVIEW: Honda BeAT Street

Honda BeAT Street

Now that traffic congestion is nearing pre-pandemic levels amid the soaring fuel prices, motorists — more than ever — are eyeing for an immediate alternative mode of transport. Those commuting within the metropolis would immediately consider getting a scooter and one of the biggest names in the local market is the Honda BeAT.


  • What powers the Honda BeAT Street?

    It is powered by a 108cc, four-stroke engine with enhanced smart power.
  • How much is the Honda BeAT Street?

    It is priced at P67,400.
  • When the nameplate was introduced locally more than a decade ago, sales did not immediately pick up; in fact, it was not until 2016 when the fuel-injected version of the Honda BeAT was launched that  Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI) enjoyed a good share of the market.

    Honda BeAT Street

    And since HPI decided to locally manufacture the entry-level scooter (and the success that it now enjoys), the Honda BeAT is surely here to stay.

    But is the Honda BeAT really a good option for Filipinos in the new normal setting? Here is what the Honda BeAT Street offers its customers.

    Honda BeAT Street


    It is 1,856mm long, 667mm wide and 1,068mm tall with a ground clearance of 146mm and 740mm seat height. In a nutshell, the scooter does not offer big numbers in terms of its overall dimensions—but for a good reason.

    The same motorcycle that gives riders enough room to sit in traffic (though not as comfortable as what its bigger stablemates can provide) and allows riders to easily wiggle in traffic, making traffic jam one thing less to worry about while on the road.

    Honda BeAT Street

    Since the Honda BeAT Street is short and low, the vehicle can easily find parking spaces. The 1,256mm wheelbase houses the foot board that is quite short for size-14 rubber shoes, which means big and tall riders may opt for the bigger scooters. Its knee clearance will also give long-legged inidividuals a bit of a challenge as well.

    The short seat design seems very limiting for pillion riding, although the scooter has foot pegs that allows one to carry a passenger.

    Honda BeAT Street

    Further, the 14-inch wheel size provides enough grip on low-speed, short-distance.


    The size and the looks of Honda BeAT Street may not strike much attention, but far from being downright unalluring. The overall design is not that flashy, yet the pointed head and tail lamp design gets the job done.

    The yellow and white design graphics complement the matte summit silver metallic body color, too.

    Honda BeAT Street

    Despite the miniscule proportions, this no-frills type of transport can carry small bags within the footboard area as it is fitted with a hook and a pair of open slots — allotting the seat compartment to other and more precious cargo (a small bag, mobile devices or wallets).


    Providing the power for the Honda BeAT Street is the highly-efficient 108cc, four-stroke engine with enhanced smart power (eSP) that helps the powertrain sip fuel more efficiently. On paper, the Honda Beat Street can have 58 kilometers per liter consumption. Simply put, the four-liter tank capacity would go a long way.

    Honda BeAT Street

    Since it has small engine displacement, do not expect much on throttle response — especially if you are on the heavy side as it is not meant to perform high-speed racing (unless modified).

    Other features

    The Honda BeAT Street is fitted with an analog/digital meter panel that displays speed and fuel consumption as well as the head and signal light indicators.

    It also comes with an Eco indicator to provide its rider an idea on his or her driving style.

    Honda BeAT Street

    Providing the stopping power is the Combi Brake System (hydraulic ventilated disc in the front and mechanical leading trailing type for the rear). Telescopic forks and monoshock suspensions buffer the vibrations on the road.


    The P67,400 price tag alone is a little hard to match since the main consideration for getting an entry-level scooter to basically move around at the least amount of expense.

    Honda BeAT Street

    The no-frills character of the vehicle is designed for those who do not want to get that much attention on the road. But if you really want to ride in style, you might want to check some of HPI’s offers as well.

    Photos from Ruben D. Manahan IV

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    ₱68,900 - ₱71,900 Emi Starts : ₱1,181

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