Suzuki Avenis: is it worth it?

Suzuki Avenis

Last July, Suzuki Philippines Inc. (SPH) has launched the all-new Avenis.


  • What powers the all-new Suzuki Avenis?

    The all-new Suzuki Avenis is powered by a 125cc engine.
  • How much is the all-new Suzuki Avenis?

    The all-new Suzuki Avenis is priced at P77,900.
  • The Japanese motorcycle marque's local distributor said that newly-introduced offering — which expanded its scooter lineup  to four — is targeting those who want to earn more through small businesses.

    Interestingly, the P77,900 price tag is pegged below Suzuki Burgman Street (P80,900) and right above the Skydrive’s Crossover (P71,900) and Sport (P69,000) trims.

    But is the price tag worth it? Here’s what we discovered about Suzuki’s “Muscular Sporty Scooter” during a quick media ride to the South Luzon area.

    Suzuki Avenis


    The all-new Suzuki Avenis was built to cover more roads. Its 124cc four-stroke, single-cylinder, two valve, fuel-injected engine sips very little fuel from its 5.2-liter tank capacity.

    Upon covering more than 120 kilometers of road from SPH Canlubang facility in Laguna to Villa Escudero in Tiaong, Quezon, the scooter was able to carry a six-foot-two rider that weighs more than 220 pounds while consuming an average of around 40 kilometers-per-liter.

    The all-new Suzuki Avenis dishes out decent acceleration as the power mill is capable of providing 8.7 horsepower and 10Nm of torque, which goes to show that the latest offering is meant to be used within the urban roads rather than zooming off on highways.

    While it has the same engine as with Suzuki Burgman Street, the all-new Avenis seems to be nimbler and more lightweight, making it maneuverable in traffic.

    Suzuki Avenis


    Another considerable strong suit of the all-new Suzuki Avenis is comfort. Managing the small bumps on the road are 12-inch tires and telescopic suspensions for the front and 10-inch tires and hydraulic suspensions for the rear portion.

    13-inch shoes are snug fit on the all-new Avenis footboard, which means it could be very roomy to the typical Filipino foot size.  

    Suzuki Avenis


    Make no mistake, the all-new Suzuki Avenis' tagline “Muscular Sporty Scooter” is derived from its beefy looks, not the performance.

    The burly yet chiseled aesthetics perfectly matches the design of the head- and tail lamps and the stout exhaust pipe.

    Suzuki Avenis

    The lack of shiny chrome appointments (except for the company logo at the front) shows that the scooter is easy to clean.  

    Amid its no-frills design, the all-new Suzuki Avenis will surely catch one’s attention on the road. On the road back to Canlubang, a handful of motorists who saw the motorcycle signified their intentions to buy one upon seeing it in the metal. Although we have to admit, liking the new scooter’s front fascia may be an acquired taste to some.

    Suzuki Avenis

    Other features

    One feature that SPH considered with the all-new Suzuki Avenis that would make it a worthy consideration is the positioning of the fuel lid. The newest scooter has the aforementioned part strategically-positioned outside the 21.8 underseat compartment — allowing the rider to top up while still seated.

    Such design not only makes the ride more convenient; it also ensures that what’s inside the stowage space under the seat would not get exposed every time you need to fill up.

    Suzuki Avenis

    Aside from the fuel lid positioning, the all-new Suzuki Avenis comes with other nifty technologies as well.

    It comes with a digital instrument panel (displays time, fuel, kilometer reading, speed and engine temperature) and an illuminated charging port inside the left front pocket of the motorcycle.

    Suzuki Avenis

    Since it does not need much power to stop the motorcycle, the all-new Suzuki Avenis only has a disc brake at the front and drum-type on the rear. However, the combi-brake system will assure that it will halt properly — especially during stop-and-go situations.


    Some might find the appearance a little funky, but considering the features and the highly-ergonomic design, the all-new Suzuki Avenis is one motorcycle that scooter buyers in the country might highly-consider of.

    Photos from Ruben D. Manahan IV, Suzuki Philippines Inc.

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