Ride and review: 2021 Honda ADV150

Honda ADV150

Maxi-scooters are designed basically to meet the needs of large riders. They all wear big frames with sizable engines to match, which make them all look nearly identical to one another.


  • What powers the Honda ADV150?

    The Honda ADV150 is equipped with 150cc 150cc four-stroke, liquid-cooled, single overhead cam engine.
  • How much is the Honda ADV150?

    The retail price of the Honda ADV150 is P150,900.
  • Then came Honda Philippines Incorporated's (HPI) additional contender in the category, the ADV150. The model, which was introduced back in 2019, shows features that are similar to those that are already available in the market, while sporting a very different look.

    Honda ADV150

    But is the Honda ADV150 a reliable scooter or is it all just for show? Here’s what we have found during a recent test ride.


    The size of the Honda ADV150 is suited for people who are beyond the typical Asian frame. The vehicle (which is 1,950mm long and 763mm wide with a 795mm seat height) gives medium-sized to tall individuals a comfortable riding position. The same measurements also allow aforementioned riders to easily wiggle through light to moderate traffic.

    Honda ADV150

    When measured with the ride height, the 165mm ground clearance could be quite high for others while the tall ones can firmly stand on the ground during full stop. The aforementioned dimensions let Honda ADV150 riders course through the usual humps as well.

    Further, the Honda ADV150 gives the pillion ample space to comfortably sit on.

    Honda ADV150


    The Honda ADV150 exudes its adventurous character with its chiseled lines complemented by the naked handlebar and adjustable windscreen.

    The tire tread pattern also projects that it is built for the great outdoors, but after hours of being driven on the road, it immediately proved that it is more inclined to take the urban jungle.

    Honda ADV150

    The white body lendout veers away from the “loud” look that the red color option is known. Unlike the scarlet-hued alternative, the white Honda ADV150 does not wear many decals and only has the following:

    • a small embossed ADV150 logo on the headlight housing,
    • gold-colored emblems on both left and right fairings, and; 
    • a small company name at the front and rear.

    Honda ADV150

    The hazard lamps have a very minimalist design too.


    The Honda ADV150 is powered by a 150cc four-stroke, liquid-cooled, single overhead cam engine that — on paper — can deliver 14 horses and nearly 14Nm of torque. As experienced, the vehicle can carry those who are on the plus side. 

    Honda ADV150

    Moreover, the ride’s throttle response is not as jumpy as the usual maxi-scooters within the range, making it a good choice for beginners.


    The Honda ADV150 is fitted with neat technologies like the Smart Key System, power charger inside the left console box and a digital meter panel to make sure that the rider is highly-equipped and well-informed.

    Honda ADV150

    For safety features, the ride comes with disc brakes on the front and back (anti-brakelock system is in the front) and an emergency stop signal.

    While it makes the ride a little stiff, the twin Showa subtank suspensions in the rear assure that the comfort level is the same — no matter how big (or small) the rider is. 

    Honda ADV150

    The 28-liter utility box underneath the seat with stopper can hold sufficient luggage like water bottles, extra clothes, and other important parcels and documents. To give everyone a vivid picture of its limitations, an extra-large full-face helmet cannot fit inside the compartment.

    Honda ADV150


    Priced at only P150,900, the Honda ADV150 is quite pricey compared to those in the 150cc maxi-scooter segment. Then again, it offers a very unique package to buyers as suggested by its urban adventure appeal and features.  

    Those who like to stand out (literally and figuratively) and break out from the traditional-looking maxi-scooters, the Honda ADV150 fits the bill.

    Photos from Ruben D. Manahan IV

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