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Things We Like in Honda ADV 150

Looks: The Honda ADV 150 has a unique look. While it’s a maxi-scooter, the front is aggressive like a sports bike. The stance is bold

Tall: The Honda ADV 150 is the tallest two-wheeler in its class. This helps the vehicle to tackle road ruts during city riding 

Smooth powertrain: The 149cc engine is smooth and operates in a simple manner. This makes the ADV 150 a perfect vehicle even for beginners

Adjustable windshield: This becomes very helpful when riding conditions get particularly windy. The windshield is an asset while riding on the highway

Things We Don't Like in Honda ADV 150

Not for adventure: Though the Honda Adv 150 looks ready for adventure, it’s actually not so. It’s a scooter clad in adventure bike clothing. 

Expensive: The Adv 150 is the most expensive two-wheeler in its class. There are far cheaper options available

Limited colors: The scooter doesn’t have many color options to choose from. It’s available only in red and green colors. Its competitors offer more color choices.

Non-flat floorboard: The floorboard of the Adv 150 is not flat. This means that you won’t be able to carry cargo there. This makes the scooter less utilitarian.

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