Spotting the differences: Honda ADV160 vs. ADV150

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The recent launch of the Honda ADV160 caused an inevitable buzz among small displacement motorcycle enthusiasts. Its increased displacement —alongside a few new features — has excited many Filipino motorcycle buyers.


  • What engine powers the Honda ADV160?

    The Honda ADV160 is powered by a 157cc four-stroke, four-valve, single overhead cam (SOHC), liquid-cooled, Enhanced Smart Power Plus (eSP+), Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) engine.
  • What engine powers the Honda ADV150?

    The Honda ADV150 is equipped with a 149cc four-stroke, two-valve, single overhead cam (SOHC), liquid-cooled, Enhanced Smart Power (ESP), PGM-FI engine.
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    But does a more powerful engine and a host of technological updates make the Honda ADV160 better than the ADV150? Let's spot their differences to find out.


    At a glance, both Honda ADV scooters look virtually identical. However, there are subtle differences one would notice upon close inspection.

    The Honda ADV160 sports a new windscreen. Per Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI), the windscreen equipped on the Honda ADV160 is four percent higher than the ADV150’s windscreen. It can be adjusted in two height levels to provide adequate wind resistance for different riding situations whether it’s braving the concrete city streets or taking on the rough provincial roads.

    honda adv160 4

    In addition, the Honda ADV160 also has a lower seat height — 15 millimeters (mm) lower than the ADV150. The Honda ADV160 has a 780mm seat height while the Honda ADV150 has a 795mm seat height.

    honda adv160 5

    The Honda ADV160 wears new matte brown wheels, a new matte brown tapered handlebar, and is equipped with a new full digital instrument panel display. It also sports a more aggressive muffler cover and end cap.


    The size of the utility box of the Honda ADV160 has been increased. From 28 liters, the under-seat compartment now boasts a 30-liter space capacity. That said, it can now fit some full-face helmets. 

    honda adv160 7

    Additionally, its fuel tank is now fitted with a new lid holder. A space is provided for riders to place the fuel tank lid while refueling.

    HPI also equips the Honda ADV160 with a Type-A USB charger located in the scooter’s two-liter console box. The ADV150 has a 12-volt socket. 


    Powering the Honda ADV160 is a 157cc four-stroke, four-valve, single overhead cam (SOHC), liquid-cooled, Enhanced Smart Power Plus (eSP+), Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) engine. The Honda ADV150, on the other hand, is fitted with a 149cc four-stroke, two-valve, SOHC, liquid-cooled, Enhanced Smart Power (ESP), PGM-FI engine.

    According to HPI, the Honda ADV160’s engine makes 10 percent more power and seven percent more torque than the Honda ADV150. However, it may take a few seconds for the rider to feel the Honda ADV160’s increased power as the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) somehow limits the scooter’s pulling power. This feature can be turned off.

    adv160 riding

    The Honda ADV160’s engine clocks in at 45 kilometers per liter (kpl), based on the World Motorcycle Test Cycle (WMTC) method, making it a fuel-efficient daily driver.


    Scooters aren’t exactly known for having the best safety features in the business. Nevertheless, both the Honda ADV150 and the Honda ADV160 are equipped with an anti-lock braking system (ABS) to prevent the wheels from locking up.

    adv160 wet

    The aforementioned HSTC also adds to the Honda ADV160’s level of safety as it is designed to help balance the work of the wheel rotation and prevent the slipping of the rear tires, especially on wet roads.


    It’s not surprising to see why many motorcycle buyers seem to prefer the new Honda ADV160 over the Honda ADV150.

    Despite having an increased displacement, the new engine offers decent fuel efficiency. Its lower seat height also makes it a more appealing option to the country’s growing number of lady riders as it’s easier for them to maneuver the scooter. Plus, the Honda ADV160’s HSTC feature can help riders maintain balance when traversing wet concrete and muddy trails. That’s why we agree with those who believe that the Honda ADV160 is indeed a promising adventure scooter.

    The Honda ADV160 is offered in a single variant and is priced at P164,900.

    Photos from Honda, Juan Paulo Papa, and Ruben Manahan IV

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    Honda ADV160 vs Honda ADV 150 Comparison

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