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FIRST DRIVE: 2019 Suzuki Ertiga–Road Trip Relief

Nowadays, gout has become a norm. Young and old alike, many are now suffering from this medical condition that has been attributed to poor diet. This condition needed ample space for the affected part not to be bent nor moved as even a slight breeze could be painful to those who suffer from it.

Just over a week ago, Suzuki Philippines (SPI) introduced the all-new Suzuki Ertiga to the Philippine market. Its predecessor already received a warm welcome in the local automotive industry with regards to space and comfort. And for some, we have widely read its offerings to the market.

So before you ask, “how is gout relatable to the all-new Ertiga,” let me share my five cents worth on the relief it has provided while I was suffering from it.

SPI organized a media drive to Tagaytay to test the all-new Suzuki Ertiga. From the flats of the Metro Manila , to the twisties and the uphills and downhills of Tagaytay Highlands, 13 crisp models were brought to the south.

I, being one of the participants, happened to suffer from this condition that day. If I was my normal self, the drive would be too short, but since I was suffering from it, it should have been a tall task just by staying seated for the long drive.

While riding shotgun in the all-new Ertiga, it was easy to realize that the legroom and headroom was given much priority. At first, there was some level of difficulty in finding my right position to somehow appease the pain, because even a slight twitch in the knee would hurt much. However, after a short distance drive to the South Luzon-C5 toll plaza, I realized that it was easier to stretch out a bit. Had the driver been a little shorter, I could also fit at the second row with ease after I saw a colleague–who almost has the same height as mine–had no trouble seating at the back of the driver, comfortably.

The seven-seater Ertiga now has a maximum volume of 803 liters, 550 liters if the third row was folded. On the outside, it has dimensions of 4395 mm long, 1735 mm wide, and 1690 mm high with an improved head and leg room.

Upon reaching the destination, my knee felt like it had a torn ligament. The venue from the respective key areas were far from each other, so walking was a chore. While we enjoyed the scenery and the company given by SPI, I tried driving the vehicle. While it was easy driving the all-new Ertiga, it gave the responsiveness that the older generation seemed to be lacking before.Thanks to the K15B engine, which made a perfect synergy with the Heartect technology that made the vehicle lighter, the punches done with the designated areas made us experience its power more.

While I suffered through the pain, the price point is not as prickly, making it one of the bang for the buck vehicles in the market today. Prices of the all-new Ertiga starts with the GA at PHP728,000, GL MT at PHP848,000, GL AT at PHP888,000, and GLX at PHP978,000.

Generally, the road trip experience was more of fun and excitement that could make one realized that while the journey maybe a bit painful, it was indeed enjoyed full fun and excitement intact with the all-new Suzuki Ertiga around.

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