Ford expands solar powerplant in Spain

ford solar power plant in spain

Ford announced that the American automotive brand has expanded its solar powerplant in Valencia, Spain.


  • How much power can Ford’s solar powerplant produce after the expansion?

    According to Ford, its Valencia solar powerplant will be able to produce up-to 3,762 megawatt-hours annually after the expansion.
  • By what year is Ford looking to expand the areas of solar panels on further non-productive land?

    Per Ford, the company is targeting the expansion of areas of solar panels on further non-productive land by 2024.
  • Per the Blue Oval brand, the solar plant in its Almussafes manufacturing facility is capable of producing the equivalent power every year to run 1,400 average homes. The aforementioned expansion of the solar plant will increase its current production from 4,641 megawatt-hours per year to 3,762 megawatt-hours annually by “summer” (from June to September).

    This means that Ford’s Valencia factory will be making a meaningful reduction in its current electricity demand from the national grid this year.

    ford solar power plant in spain 1

    Ford is looking to expand the areas of solar panels on further non-productive land targeting to reach 10 megawatts of peak power by 2024. The feasibility of potential future solar panel installations on the roofs of factory buildings is also being studied.

    “Now, more than ever, we all realize the need to use renewable energy sources. As we move to an all-electric future and carbon neutrality across our manufacturing footprint at Ford, investments in innovations like this new solar power plant in Valencia create new self-supplied renewable energy, which is an important contribution to our ongoing ambition to help build a better world,” said Ford Europe Sustainable Environmental and Safety Engineering Director Stuart Southgate.

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