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Things We Like in Ford Ranger Raptor

Iconic styling: The wide-body stance, bulging fender, large skid plates and the expansive grille with the Ford logo add up to the pickup’s iconic styling

Off-road ready: The Ranger Raptor is a complete all-terrain vehicle with heavy-duty, wide tires. The exclusively designed off-road bumpers help the car tackle any terrain.   

Terrain selector: Furthering the vehicle’s off-road appeal are 6 drive modes that help the Raptor conquer all types of terrain. There’s even a desert-ride option.

Spacious: The twin-cab Raptor’s cabin is extremely spacious. It can carry five adults without cringing for space.

Things We Don't Like in Ford Ranger Raptor

City handling compromised: The Raptor’s huge size makes it difficult to negotiate city traffic. The vehicle is a huge turning radius and needs some practice to negotiate tight corners

Steep price: The Ranger Raptor is the most expensive vehicle in its class. That’s a deterrent for those wanting an affordable pickup truck.

Noisy engine: The engine, despite being robust, is noisy. Some of the noise enters the cabin, particularly when cruising on the highway.

Hard suspension: Being totally off-road focused, the Ranger Raptor’s suspension feels pretty hard on city roads. The steering too is on the stiffer side

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