Ford launches end-to-end commercial charging solutions in Europe


Ford’s commercial fleet division, Ford Pro, launches its end-to-end business charging solutions in Europe. With Ford Pro Charging, the European arm of the Blue Oval brand looks to offer the best strategy for the region’s companies that rely on electric vehicle fleets.


  • What kind of services does Ford offer through Ford Pro Charging?

    Through Ford Pro Charging, the brand offers various services to businesses such as EV management and tracking, setting up bespoke charging solutions, and offering home charging options for commercial fleets.
  • Is Ford Pro Charging compatible with other EVs?

    Though Ford did not mention specific brands, the company said that it is compatible with other manufacturers' electric vehicles.
  • “Ford Pro Charging offers fleets a single, integrated solution covering the entire charging process, delivered by a partner they can trust. We will work hand-in-hand with them to future‑proof their business by finding the right charging strategy, making the switch to electric vehicles as simple as possible,” said Ford Pro Charging European Manager Iza Lozowska.


    The Ford Pro division specializes in providing its clients with charging solutions built specifically for businesses. Through Ford Pro Charging, management and productivity of commercial EVs can be tracked using Ford Pro’s E‑Telematics software which translates key manufacturer-grade vehicle data sent from the E‑Transit’s standard FordPass Connect modem into insights and alerts.

    Commercial fleet managers can view data such as range status with customizable low remaining range alert thresholds; alerts if a vehicle is not charging when it should be; and charge performance insights including kWh consumption, charge speed, and distance to empty.

    Ford adds that Ford Pro E-Telematics also enables Scheduled Pre-Conditioning, which ensures the E-Transit battery pack is at the optimum working temperature while charging to help maximize the available range.

    In addition, Ford Pro Charging will also offer bespoke solutions to companies in the European region as they understand that not all businesses operate similarly. Even customers that have fleet duty cycles and depot facilities that allow on-site charging may find that individual depots within the same fleet have unique requirements.

    Ford Pro Charging’s expert consultants will work with each depot to identify the most efficient, future-proof charging solution and project-manage the entire planning and commissioning process, meaning even fleets with limited knowledge of electrification options can easily make the switch.

    Once depot charging is active, Ford Pro Charging’s intelligent software can automatically evaluate each individual vehicle’s duty cycle and charge level to manage energy across a depot for optimum operational efficiency.

    To help operators that use mixed fleets (EVs from various brands), the Ford Pro Charging software and equipment are also made compatible with other manufacturers’ vehicles.

    Furthermore, Ford Pro Charging will offer home charging solutions, through the Ford Connected Wallbox, that deliver convenient overnight charging and reduces paperwork for managers and drivers in Europe. The Ford Connected Wallbox can be activated with a unique key fob which can also be used in conjunction with electric charging points integrated into lampposts and other street furniture. The unique key fob can be used to charge the vehicle and automatically invoice a company account.

    Speaking of which, Ford will also provide its clients access to Europe’s public charging network while enabling automatic payments and centralized billing using a unique charge card for each van.

    Through its end-to-end commercial EV charging solutions, Ford looks to cover all circumstances and cater to fleets of all makes and sizes.

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    “Ford Pro Charging is a key component of Ford Pro, and integrates with the other Ford Pro solutions to provide a seamless experience that delivers full control to fleet managers and simplifies charging for drivers — maximizing effectiveness and productivity,” said Ford in a recent press release.

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