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Guess Who’s the Spokesman for Kia’s e-Niro? (Clue: It’s Already in the Name)

Here’s a quick question: Would you drive a car driven by The Godfather himself, Vito Corleone?


If you said yes, then you’ll like Kia’s first ever electric crossover, the e-Niro. This electric vehicle, which boasts of a 400-km range on a single electric charge and 615 km in the city, has a new spokesperson by no other than the Godfather himself, Robert De Niro.

Kia Niro Press

It helps that they both share the same name. Perhaps, it’s just a coincidence Kia named the vehicle after the two-time Oscar winner, but it seems the Korean car maker is quick to capitalize on this fact–as quick as the e-Niro’s battery that takes only 54 minutes to recharge via a 100 kW charger.


So now that the deal is sealed, expect the multi-awarded, veteran actor to educate–and entertain–Europe with a series of digital, print, and TV advertisements for e-Niro starting November.

“These advertisements will draw on Robert De Niro’s unique ability to entertain, as he educates drivers about the e-Niro–a car that breaks down many of the obstacles to electric vehicle ownership in a way that few others have,” said Artur Martins, Vice President for Marketing and Product Planning at Kia Motors Europe.

If we’re talking about obstacles here, then perhaps we’ve made a mistake of using the Godfather here–perhaps his film, Raging Bull should be used here, instead. Its main character, Jake LaMotta, had a skull and chin that’s capable of absorbing heavy blows–and obstacles–extremely well. Coincidentally, De Niro was reading Jake LaMotta’s autobiography (upon which the Raging Bull film was based) while he was on the set of The Godfather Part 2.

Interesting, isn’t it?

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