Here’s a sneak peek at the Maserati MC20 convertible


Hot on the heels of Maserati and Devid Beckham’s one-off Inter Miami-inspired MC20, the Trident announces yet another iteration of the famed supercar.


  • What new camo pattern did Maserati use for the MC20 convertible?

    The MC20 convertible is finished with a cloud camouflage pattern to hint at its open cockpit design.
  • What materials will be used on the MC20 convertible's body?

    According to Maserati, the MC20 will have the same carbon fiber and composite material body as the coupe.
  • Will there be an EV MC20?

    Yes, Maserati has confirmed that there will be an electric version of the MC20 in the future.
  • According to Maserati, “an early prototype of the new MC20 convertible has exited the gates of the historic Modena plant.” At a glance, the MC20 convertible looks just like the MC20 coupe. But its cloud camo is indicative of the experience one would have when driving under the clouds.


    In addition, Maserati emphasizes that the MC20 convertible prototype is a “first of its kind,” saying that the model is daring in every way and designed for perfection.”

    Maserati said that like the coupe (and the inevitable EV variant of the MC20), the convertible will have a body made of carbon fiber and composite materials.


    As of the moment, Maserati has not discussed any other details about the convertible, of which, we expect more to come as it nears its launch date.

    Photos from Maserati

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