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Honda Thailand Launches All-New Wave 125i Motorcycle

Honda‘s motorcycle model lineup has a new member as the company introduced the all-new Wave 125i in Thailand. It comes with a restyled design, which looks more striking as compared to its predecessor. The Wave’s all-new design features sharp character lines, which can be seen throughout the motorcycle’s body. The most notable design for this bike is probably the LED headlight, which has been introduced for the first time in the Wave series. Honda says the LED headlight will provide better visibility for a safer ride. It also comes with a new indicator light to match the striking design of the all-new Wave 125i.

“I believe the premium design will win the hearts of the younger generation. It is beautiful on the track to all destinations, with added flexibility, fun ride and fuel efficiency,” A.P. Honda Co., Ltd. Vice President Suchart Arunsaengroj said.

Honda Thailand claims that the all-new Wave 125i comes with improved fuel efficiency. From 63.3 km/l, the Wave 125i can now do 64 km/L. It also comes with a refreshed meter while the 17-liter ‘helmet-in U-box’, which is a storage for a full-faced helmet, is still integrated in the bike.

No word yet if and when Honda Philippines will bring the Wave 125i to our shores.

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