IPC delivers dozens of modern PUVs to MetroExpress Connect Inc.

More and more modern jeepneys will ply Philippine roads as Japanese commercial vehicle manufacturer and distributor Isuzu delivered more than two dozens to MetroExpress Connect Inc. (MCI).

Through its official distributor and locla manufacturer, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC), MCI shall soon fill the roads of Las Piñas to Daang Hari, Kawit, Cavite to PITX, Tanza, Cavite to PITX, and General Trias to Daang Hari with their recently-delivered 25 units that are compliant with the standards set by the government's Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP).

These vehicles are set to bring safer, more efficient, more convenient, and more environmentally sustainable transport system to Filipinos.

MCI started as shuttle services group, with a fleet of no more than 20 shuttles servicing private subdivisions, providing quality transportation to communities, connecting them to commercial developments and city centers.

As the years progress, MCI have soon acquired bigger and bolder projects, widening their operation, and choosing Isuzu PUVs as their transportation hub, MCI will be able to guarantee its commuters to have a safe, seamless, and reliable transportation.

IPC’s modernized PUVs assembled using the Isuzu QKR77 platform and the PUV body designed and manufactured by Almazora Motors Corp, is equipped with the Euro IV-compliant 4JH1-TC diesel engine that delivers better fuel economy and cleaner emissions than jeepneys; thus guarantees its clients like MetroExpress Connect Inc. to provide quality and reliable transportation, connecting passengers and communities to their destinations the easy way.

IPC President Hajime Koso encouraged other transport companies across the country to already make that switch to safer, cleaner, more convenient, and more reliable modernized PUVs.

"I have always believed that the Isuzu PUVs are truly a vehicle made by the Filipinos for the Filipinos and we are confident that these units will be able to provide a more durable, comfortable, and safe transport solution for the riding public."

For more information about Isuzu PUVs, visit the nearest Isuzu dealer, or log on to www.isuzuphil.com.

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