Isuzu, Cummins Draft Powertrain Collaboration Deal

Isuzu Motors Limited and diesel and natural gas engine manufacturer Cummins Inc. have signed a Letter of Intent to evaluate how they can collaborate on developing better diesel engines for the future. In a press release by Isuzu, the Japanese truck giant stated its belief that the humble diesel engine "remains and continues to grow as one of promising technology for various purpose usages in Commercial Vehicle and Industrial field, in developed countries where power sources are used for high-intensity operation as well as in emerging countries where social infrastructure conditions are severe." As a major player in the Commercial Vehicle (CV) industry, Isuzu plans on taking on a mission "to actively correspond to the diversification such as electrification and environmental friendly next generation diesel development more than ever." "Isuzu is a leading global company with a reputation for excellence in trucks, powertrains and customer service," said Tom Linebarger, Chairman and CEO of Cummins Inc. "Our companies share a commitment to technology leadership, quality and dependability for our customers, and global reach.  We also share common values in the way we do business and how we treat our people, our customers, and our partners. Cummins is honored to be working with Isuzu and to explore how to leverage our respective strengths to create new opportunities for both companies." By partnering with Cummins, a Fortune 500 corporation that designs and manufactures power generation products, Isuzu hopes to collaborate with a fellow company that also understands the challenges of improving diesel engines as the world moves toward better eco-friendliness. Both companies have committed to developing a team that will explore potential opportunities in product technology development, service and other areas of collaboration, with the hopes of arriving at a longer-term partnership for the next generation of diesel and natural gas-based internal combustion powertrains, and possibly electric motors as well.

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