It's Easier on the Eyes: The Quirky-Looking Nissan Juke Gets Replaced with a "Safer" Design

It's Easier on the Eyes: The Quirky-Looking Nissan Juke Gets Replaced with a "Safer" Design

No other car has caused a heavy rift between two opposing battle camps than the Nissan Juke. Indeed, it's one of those cars that makes you want to choose a side immediately: those who are really into Juke's quirky and semi-weird style (like we do)--and those that passionately hate it (like some people we know).

Perhaps Nissan has gotten fed up with all these opposing views, so they decided to come up with a new "middle-road" style for the latest Juke version. So far, it only released its camouflaged version to the public, but you can definitely see significant changes even if they're all covered up with strange-looking maps (or something of that sort).

For one, there's no strange, protruding 'toad' eyes on the front end design anymore. This style, which has cause so much dissension over the years, has been shaved off to look more--well, normal.

Second, the quirky lines are now replaced with more conservative curves and lines. It's way more safe, despite retaining its weird oval headlights and its V-Motion Grille perched stoically on its nose.

Third, the boot space is far bigger--from the old 354 liters to a bigger 422 liters in its latest model. Yet despite growing a heftier size, it's also much lighter--by 23 kilograms than the outgoing model.

Fourth, it went against its original motto of being "not for everybody." It seems Nissan felt the pressure of declining sales and decided it wants to be "for everybody," instead. That 180-degree change is not surprising, but admittedly a bit disconcerting. Still, if Nissan would run for politics, there's a higher probability that it will win in the election--and bag another re-election in a few year's time.

So, judging from these photos, do you like the newest version of the Nissan Juke? No need to wait a long time to see what it looks like--it will make its debut on September 3.

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