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Jaguar and Land Rover Experiential Test Drive Will Run Until This Sunday

Got any plans this weekend? Well, if you still don’t have anything in mind, you might want to consider going to the Mega Tent Events Venue in C5 and participate in the test drive event hosted by Jaguar and Land Rover. The test drive event is divided into two partsone for Jaguar cars and one for Land Rover vehicles. Both parts intend to showcase the capabilities of the two car brands’ latest models by pitting it in a series of driving course.

All British Cars, the exclusive authorized dealer of Jaguar and Land Rover in the Philippines, invited CARMUDI PHILIPPINES to try out the driving course they’ve prepared a day before they open the event to the public. In case you’re wondering, the Jaguar vehicles available for the test drive are the F-Pace SUV, XE, and XF. For the Land Rover,you have the Discovery, Range Rover Velar, and the Range Rover Sport.

The Jaguar test drive features four driving courses: (1) Low Traction Strip, (2) Accelerate, Brake and Avoid, (3) Slalom, and (4) High Speed Round About. The Low Traction Slip part enables you to feel how stable a Jaguar vehicle is when driving through slippery road conditions. The Accelerate, Brake and Avoid, on the other hand, shows that you can suddenly apply the brakes and safely avoid the obstacle ahead by turning the steering wheel.

The third course is the Slalom where you have to weave through the cones in a zigzag approach. The last is the High Speed Round About, which is basically going around in circles at full throttle.

The Land Rover test drive also had four driving courses: (1) Cross Structure, (2) Climb and Descent (3) Wading Pool, and (4) Side Slope. In the Cross Structure, you’ll see how a Land Rover tackle uneven road surface without a sweat. The Climb and Descent is one of our favorite driving courses. The vehicle needs to drive over a steep climb and, once at the top, it needs to go downhill. The downhill part is exciting because you have to completely let go of the brakes and let the vehicle’s Hill Decent Control system do the braking.

The Wading Pool is meant to simulate how good is the Land Rover when it needs to pass through a pool of water. Lastly, the Side Slop highlights the Land Rover’s balance by not flipping over when faced with tough terrain.

Want to try the Jaguar and Land Rover test drive? Head on to the Mega Tent Events Venue located at 100 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (C5 Road). The test drive event will run from May 26 to 27. All British Cars said that customers who are interested to participate in the event can register at the links below:


Land Rover:

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