Jaguar Land Rover to leverage blockchain tech for sustainable leather supply


As part of Jaguar Land Rover’s commitment to provide its customers with sustainable premium material choices, the British automaker has partnered with Circulor, Bridge of Weir Leather Company, and the University of Nottingham to trial the use of traceability technology in the leather supply chain.

The said trial is part of Jaguar Land Rover’s journey to net-zero carbon emissions across its supply chain, products, and operations by 2039.

“We are currently restructuring our supply chain as part of Reimagine, with a focus on transparency and sustainability. The outcome from this world-first trial will allow us to further improve the sustainability of the leather supply chain around the globe, ensuring the complete traceability of raw materials from origin to vehicle,” commented Jaguar Land Rover Executive Director of Supply Chain Dave Owen.


Circulor, a leader in bringing traceability to complex industrial supply chains, is using its blockchain technology to improve the traceability of minerals used for electric vehicle batteries.

Because blockchain technology is impossible to modify or tamper with, using this in Jaguar Land Rover’s leather supply chain will give its customers greater confidence that the sustainable supply chain is authentic, and all materials have been sustainably and responsibly sourced.

The actual leather products will have a “digital twin” that can simultaneously be tracked through the leather supply chain with the use of GPS data, biometrics, and QR codes.

Jaguar Land Rover has invested in Circulor through InMotion, its venture capital, and mobility services arm.

Meanwhile, Bridge of Weir will provide Jaguar Land Rover with low carbon leather.

“In partnership with Jaguar Land Rover and the University of Nottingham, we believe there is a clear opportunity to implement blockchain technology to enhance the existing, world-leading standards of traceability and transparency that exist within UK agriculture and its Cattle Tracing Scheme,” said Scottish Leather Group Innovation and Sustainability Director Dr. Warren Bowden.

He adds, “At Bridge of Weir, we see the potential to create carbon-positive leather — if we source from local farms where the livestock is grass-fed, where there is no deforestation, and we couple this responsible approach to sourcing with ongoing innovation to create zero carbon and zero waste manufacturing processes. The blockchain technology developed in this trial will enable each stage in the process, and the entire leather supply chain, to be accurately tracked and measured.”

This initiative is part of Jaguar Land Rover’s Reimagine strategy: a sustainability-rich combination of modern luxury, unique customer experiences, and positive societal impact.

Photos from Jaguar Land Rover

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