Jeep options UK-spec Renegade and Compass models with new e-Hybrid powertrain


Jeep’s UK customers can now choose to have their Renegade and Compass crossover SUVs equipped with the brand's all-new e-Hybrid powertrain. The announcement of the new powertrain options for the aforementioned models follows the successful introduction of the plug-in-hybrid 4xe range, which currently accounts for more than 25 percent of the brand’s total sales in Europe.


  • What models from Jeep's offerings are now equipped with the new e-Hybrid powertrain?

    Jeep is now offering its UK-spec Renegade and Compass vehicles with the new hybrid powertrain.
  • What are the specifications of the new e-Hybrid powertrain?

    According to Jeep, the new hybrid powertrain will use a 130hp 1.5-liter turbo gasoline engine and a built-in 48-volt 15kW electric motor.
  • “Today’s announcement builds upon the success of our current 4xe plug-in-hybrid portfolio and is another step towards the comprehensive electrification of our full product line-up in Europe. The Jeep Compass and Renegade e-Hybrid offer a new entry point into our electrified portfolio expanding our sales momentum by offering more hybrid options to more European customers. This product expansion will continue in the summer of this year with the introduction of the 4xe version of the all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee,” said Jeep Brand Europe Head Antonella Bruno.

    The new e-Hybrid powertrains feature a new four-cylinder 1.5-liter turbo engine that delivers a maximum power output of 130hp and 240Nm of peak torque. The gasoline mill is paired with a built-in 48-volt 15kW (20hp) electric motor that puts out 55Nm of torque, equivalent to 135Nm at gearbox input level, which sends power to the front wheels even when the internal combustion engine is turned off.

    The hybrid powertrain is mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.


    According to the British automotive brand, the new e-Hybrid powertrains are designed for optimized performance. Jeep said that the powertrains operate on the Miller cycle which improves thermal efficiency and offers a high compression ratio. They will also use a new cylinder head with a compact combustion chamber, dual variable valve timing, special “high-tumble” intake ducts, and a new high-pressure direct injection system.

    Most importantly, the new e-Hybrid powertrains deliver up to 15 percent lower consumption and CO2 emissions than the previous ICE versions.

    In addition, the braking system of the new Renegade and Compass e-Hybrid includes the Intelligent Brake System which includes an “auto-charge” feature that uses mixed regenerative braking to maximize the recovery of kinetic energy and improves efficiency.

    The new Compass e-Hybrid range consists of four trims: Night Eagle, Limited, Upland, and S. 


    On the other hand, the Renegade e-Hybrid will be available in Upland and S.


    Orders are now open for both models with deliveries expected to commence in the UK in March.

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