KTM unveils Bluetooth communications system, Packtalk Edge


Communication is key, especially when a pack of riders take it to the road. And while doing hand signals is indeed cool, talking to your buddies whilst twisting the throttle is definitely way better. And on that note, we present to you, the latest product announced by KTM,  the KTM Packtalk Edge.


  • What company manufactures the KTM Packtalk Edge?

    The KTM Packtalk Edge is supplied by Cardo Systems.
  • How many riders can communicate using the KTM Packtalk Edge?

    According to KTM, the Packtalk Edge can accommodate up to 15 riders.
  • Seasoned riders would notice that the “Packtalk” moniker does sound familiar. That’s because KTM has teamed up with Cardo Systems, one of the pioneers of developing motorcycle Bluetooth communications systems to deliver this product.

    “Our alliance with Cardo means we can celebrate two things that are really important to us at KTM. The first is equipping KTM riders with leading technology to maximize their riding experience and we know that Cardo is one of the best partners to be able to achieve this. The KTM Packtalk Edge is a great piece of kit that will really help make a difference to any shared trip with say a KTM Duke or KTM Adventure. The second is making sure that any journey with a KTM is as fun and thrilling and memorable as it can be. If this is done with friends or bike buddies then even better and where the KTM Packtalk Edge becomes pretty indispensable,” said KTM Global Marketing Head Federico Valentini.


    The KTM Packtalk Edge comes in a distinctive KTM color and graphic, perfect for “orange bleeders.” The Bluetooth unit, per the Austrian motorcycle brand, is water, dust, and mud-proof. It also comes with a unique “Air Mount,” allowing riders to easily slap the comms unit on their helmet. And, in terms of aerodynamics and ergonomics, the device does not have any antennas or components that stick out of the unit. That said, the Cardo-powered KTM Packtalk Edge is as easy to handle as any KTM model.

    The Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) software in the KTM Packtalk Edge can accommodate as many as 15 riders with an 8 km range (1.6 km rider to rider).

    In addition, KTM said that the Packtalk Edge uses JBL speakers and is equipped with noise-canceling technology. The mic itself benefits from the Natural Voice operation engine which means that the KTM Packtalk Edge can be activated by a simple voice command.

    Battery life lasts up to 13 hours and charging time is only about one to two hours.

    “It is an absolute pleasure to join forces with KTM to offer riders the most advanced Packtalk Edge KTM-branded device. As a motorcyclist, as soon as you see orange, your mind instantly knows it’s KTM. Alongside its broad range of powerwear, riders are able to express their brand loyalty all the way through to their communications device,” said Cardo Systems Business Development Vice President Shachar Harari.

    The KTM Packtalk Edge will be available from KTM and Cardo retailers from July onwards.

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