Kymco delays launch of Kymco KRV 180i TCS owing to chip shortage, readies new scoot instead


Last month, Taiwanese motorcycle brand Kymco was eager to announce that they have made the world’s first compact scooter that features an independent swing arm. Unfortunately, production of the KRV 180i TCS has been halted due to a microchips shortage.

Integrated circuits play a vital role in the KRV 180i TCS’ most important features — the ABS and TCS function. That said, Kymco will move the KRV 180i TCS’ release date from November 2021 to the first quarter of 2022.

In lieu of the KRV 180i TCS, Kymco will be releasing a new compact scoot dubbed the KRV 180i DDS.

The DDS variant of the KRV 180i will have the same power specifications as the TCS version, a Euro 5-compliant, 175cc, liquid-cooled engine. Like the TCS, the DDS variant will also have an aluminum alloy independent swing arm, PTM (Power Transmission Matrix), KSS (Kymco Suspension System), and a rigid frame mounting to improve the rigidity of the motorcycle body and its stability during high-speed and intense riding.


It is also fitted with LED headlights, taillights, and sequential LED directional lights. The KRV 180i also sports new central shock absorbers and a separate LCD dashboard.

The KRV 180i DDS, however, will not come with a traction control system (TCS), anti-lock braking system (ABS), and a keyless system.

In addition, the DDS variant will have front and rear disc brakes compared to the TCS’ ABS-equipped front and rear brakes, a single USB charging port (two for the TCS version), and a 5-in-1 shutter key.


It will come in four colors: Scorching White, Snow Peak Silver, Ether Black, and Indigo Sea Blue.


“On behalf of the Kymco Philippines management, we thank you for watching the Digital Launch of KRV 180i TCS last September 25, 2021. We are also very thankful for your support and the reservation you made to our Dealers for your dream KRV 180i,” said Kymco Philippines Inc. General Manager for Sales and Marketing Tito Cadugo.

The Kymco KRV 180i DDS will be available in December 2021 with a reservation fee of P5,000 at any Kymco dealers and Kymco Lifestyle Corner nationwide. Customers who will pre-order the DDS version will get a pre-order discount of P10,000 until December 31, 2021.


Pricing of the Kymco KRV 180i DDS is at P168,800, which is P21,100 less than the TCS variant.

Photos from Kymco

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