Lalamove Partners with Isuzu to Supply 4-Wheeled Vehicles that are 'Built to Deliver'

Isuzu Philippines Corporation recently signed a partnership with Lalamove, Asia's leading on-demand delivery app, to offer the best deals for Lalamove partner drivers. With a reputable history of providing the best commercial vehicles for Filipino businesses, Isuzu is geared up to make it easy for Lalamove drivers to upgrade or acquire Isuzu vehicles. This partnership entails both discounts for all existing Lalamove partner drivers with free three years of LTO registration. With a cash discount of PHP15,000 and PHP20,000 worth of Preventive Maintenance Services coupons, drivers will have a beneficial head start for their Lalamove journey "Lalamove and Isuzu shares a common mission: empowering Filipinos through amazing products and impeccable services. This made us all the more eager to create this partnership for the benefit of Lalamove's partner drivers to allow them access to some of the country's top-performing vehicles," Dannah Majarocon, Lalamove's managing director shares. This partnership aims to provide the top-performing 4-wheeled vehicles to Lalamove partner drivers and this makes sure that quality vehicles and services are affordable and within reach. With this joint initiative, drivers will have easier access to vehicles that are built to deliver. The four-wheel Isuzu vehicles offered in this partnership are: the QKR77 Tilt; QKR77 Non-tilt; NLR77 Tilt; NLR77 Non-Tilt; and NLR85.

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