MAN PH expands lineup with TGX heavy-duty truck


MAN Automotive Concessionaires Corp. (MACC) has introduced the latest addition to its product portfolio: the MAN TGX.


  • What did MAN Automotive Concessionaires Corp. add to its local offerings?

    It is the MAN TGX truck.
  • To what category does the newly launched truck belong?

    It is under the heavy-duty truck segment.
  • Launched digitally via the company’s official social media platforms, the latest addition to the local distributor’s heavy-duty truck lineup is said to be unrivaled in heavy-duty, long-distance transportation, receiving the International Truck of the Year award in 2021.


    “Despite this, the MAN TGX has undergone various improvements to match the ever-demanding needs of truckers worldwide. This includes aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, ergonomic driver workplace, modern design and various safety assistance systems critical to industries,” MACC shared in a statement.

    Following the introduction, MACC now offers two MAN truck models in the country — the existing TGS (which is also under the heavy-duty category), and the newly-launched TGX.


    The company said that the MAN TGX features premium cabs that are “designed with optimum driver comfort and safety in mind and contain all of the most recent technological advances.”

    Further, the MAN TGX is said to be more fuel-efficient than before as the company noted that the new truck offering is “fully tuned for efficiency and performance." With all the enhancements placed in the MAN TGX (new TGX engines, improved aerodynamics, among others), owners can cut down fuel consumption by up to 3.7 percent.


    “It has been an exciting journey from the first chain-driven vehicle in 1915 to the MAN TGX. And this journey continues for as long as your requirements continue to change. Our answer to this is innovation,” MACC said.

    The launch of the new product came nearly a month after MACC inked a partnership with Volkswagen Truck and Bus, allowing the company to enter the local light-and medium-duty commercial vehicle market.

    Photos from MAN Automotive Concessionaires Corporation

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