Mercedes-AMG debuts EQE EV


Remember how Sir Lewis Hamilton broke the internet last week when he announced he’s back? Well, the brand he’s driving for is doing the same thing as Mercedes’ high-performance subsidiary casually debuts its electrified sedan, the Mercedes-AMG EQE.


  • What powertrain setup does the EQE have?

    The EQE is powered by two electric motors and an ultra-lightweight, high-performance battery which produces 677hp.
  • What interior features does the EQE highlight?

    The EQE comes with the MBUX Hyperscreen, an AMG performance steering wheel, and AMG sports seats.
  • Short video clips were released over the weekend on various social media platforms including Mercedes-AMG’s Twitter and Instagram accounts building the hype around the new high-performance sedan — eventually leading to today’s reveal.

    As far as looks are concerned, the EQE looks close to the model Mercedes-Benz presented at the 2021 IAA Mobility event last September. That said, the final production sedan features a modern one-bow design, special light-alloy wheels, as well as AMG black panel and angular claddings.


    However, what makes the EQE special is not what’s outside, but what’s inside.

    According to Mercedes-AMG, the EQE is powered by two electric motors and an ultra-lightweight, high-performance battery developed at Affalterbach. This setup offers up to 677 horsepower and is said to deliver maximum performance at any moment, even during repeated powerful accelerations.

    In addition, the EQE is equipped with the fully variable 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive and the AMG Ride Control+ chassis that does not only ensure safety on the road but also allows would-be owners to experience the ideal conditions for intensive, high-performance driving. Offered as an optional add-on is the Dynamic Plus package which bumps up its speed.

    Occupants of this futuristic EV get to experience the MBUX Hyperscreen with a heads-up display. The advanced user interface stretches across the dashboard and integrates the EQE’s instrument panel, infotainment system, and front passenger’s screen.

    Adding a sporty flair to the luxury EV sedan are the AMG performance steering wheel and AMG sports seats.

    Details about pricing and release dates on various markets are to be further revealed.

    Photos from Mercedes-AMG

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