Mercedes-Benz Debuts First Car Under its EQ brand

The electromobility race to develop and introduce a reliable electric vehicle (EV) is evident among car manufacturers. It's crystal clear that most car companies are preparing to make an electric shift and Mercedes-Benz is one of the manufacturers that wants to get ahead of the race. A testament to that is the introduction of the first EV under its product and technology brand dubbed as EQ.

EQC, a crossover, is the first EV to represent Mercedes-Benz's EQ brand. In case you're wondering, the German automaker says EQ stands for “Electric Intelligence” and it's derived from Mercedes-Benz brand values of "emotion”"and "intelligence." The word 'intelligence' is mentioned twice, so we like to believe that the EQC is a smart car.

The EQC is equipped with two electric motors that produces a combined output of 300 kW (402 hp) and 765 Nm of torque. It also comes with a lithium-ion battery and has an electric range of more than 450 km, according to the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC).

Exterior-wise, the EQC sort of differs from the usual Mercedes-Benz look. We're not saying that this EV look bad; it just looks different and we find the front end of the car a bit Japanese-looking. Speaking of which, the EQC is fitted with a wide grille along with chrome trims and a large black-panel surface that creates a seamless link that connects the LED headlights. The headlights are integrated with contrasting blue background, which marks the model's affinity to Mercedes-Benz's EQ brand.

Turning to the side, the vehicle is characterized by straight lines. It also comes with a sloping roofline, prominent fender flares, and two-tone wheels. The rear, on the other hand, has a muscular bumper, slim taillights, and a spoiler.

The interior of the EQC is hip and modern--this is clearly not your old man's Mercedes-Benz. The black interior theme is accented by blue and silver. The center console comes with glossy black trim and you can also see a trackpad right below the buttons. The most distinctive feature in the cabin is probably the massive digital instrument cluster, which is almost the size of two iPads. The EQC managed to distance itself from the typical Mercedes-Benz styling that we know. The exterior and the interior design looks young, which could attract a new set of younger clients.

What can you say about the EQC? Do you like it or not?