On the saddle: Up close and personal with the Harley-Davidson Sportster S


The local arm of Harley-Davidson recently launched the newest and sportiest addition to its stable of two-wheelers, the Sportster S. To get a better look at the modern-day Harley, we at Carmudi Philippines dropped by Harley-Davidson of Manila in BGC to get up close and personal with the new Sportster model.


  • What is the engine displacement of the Harley-Davidson Sportster S?

    The Sportster S is fitted with a 1,252cc engine.
  • What is the horsepower rating of the Sportster S?

    The Sportster S packs 121hp.
  • What safety features come with the Sportster S?

    The Sportster S features three riding modes: Rain, Road, and Sport as well as other safety features like ABS and traction control.
  • How much is the Harley-Davidson Sportster S?

    The price of the Sportster S depends on the variant: Vivid Black (priced at P1,030,000), Midnight Crimson, and Stone Washed White Pearl (both priced at P1,050,000).
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    “It carries by its nature the name Sportster,” explains Harley-Davidson of Manila BGC Branch Manager Bernie Ledesma. “It has a very deep heritage — with its roots starting from the late 1950s. It has taken on the world with a product that suited the needs of the consumers at the time: a bike that’s light, nimble, and yet had the power for what it was supposed to do — give the people the freedom to enjoy the roads.”

    Ledesma, an avid rider himself and an owner of a custom Harley bike, adds that the new Sportster S is a motorcycle that’s been built from the ground up. According to Ledesma, the Sportster S features the new Revolution Max 1250T engine which puts a 1,252cc powerplant right between the rider’s legs.


    The Revolution Max 1250T engine is a dual-purpose powertrain acting as both the actual engine and a structural component of the motorcycle chassis. This eliminates the need for a traditional frame, allowing the bike to boast a lighter weight and a more precise handling.

    When asked how fast the Sportster S go, Ledesma answered “it’s kind of a tricky question because Harleys are built for cruising and top speeds are not the rush when you cruise. When you cruise, it’s not about getting to the destination but how you get there and it’s the journey along the way.”

    “With this much cubic centimeters (1,252cc of swept volume), this Harley gives you the experience of what we call the torque or the G-forces involved when you enjoy the bike cruising,” adds Ledesma.

    The Sportster S boasts 121hp and is the first Harley-Davidson bike to have its horsepower rating included in the spec sheet.

    It also comes with new safety features based on the latest technological developments to keep the rider planted on the road and safe during all riding conditions.

    “Picture this: You’re out traveling up north going to Sagada where the roads are often wet and slippery. The electronics of the Sportster S will guide you through powering the curves safely. There are three riding modes that will assist you. We have the Rain, the Road, and the Sport,” Ledesma says.

    “Rain is all about that safety net that you have, that millisecond of decision, of the tires not spinning out. You have Road which gives you a standard control on city streets, quick stops. Avoiding that person crossing, you have ABS for that. And traction control for Sport is kind of minimized to give you that all-out experience where you can handle your machine,” he further explains.

    Anyone who has sat on the saddle knows that safety is of utmost importance — after all, a bump that would dent a car can send a rider to the hospital. That said, the Sportster S’ suite of advanced safety technologies gives riders a full arsenal of features to keep them safe when riding in various road conditions, all at the flick of a switch.

    Described by Harley-Davidson as a “sports custom motorcycle,” the Sportster S makes for a great platform for bike customization. In fact, Harley-Davidson of Manila BGC offers a rich catalog of custom parts and accessories.


    “Harley-Davidson is well-known for customization, and I don’t think there is one Harley out there without any specific customization. Because riders want to be unique in their own reflection of their selves within the bike… We have a whole bible of parts and accessories that you can choose from. You have highlights for covers, for pegs, for grips, that will be all available and customers can choose from their personal preference in styling and which parts they want to modify,” said Ledesma.

    The Philippine-spec Sportster S is offered in three spectacular color schemes (variant): Vivid Black (priced at P1,030,000), Midnight Crimson, and Stone Washed White Pearl (both priced at P1,050,000).

    Interested customers can check out the Sporster S at Harley-Davidson of Manila in BGC as well as its branch in Greenhills.

    Photos by Paulo Papa

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