Peugeot launches new 408

Peugeot 408

Peugeot has unveiled its latest offering: the 408.


  • What are the engine options for the new Peugeot 408?

    The new Peugeot 408 has three available power mill options: two hybrid engines, and one ICE. A full-electric engine will be introduced soon.
  • Where will Peugeot first produce the new 408?

    The newly launched model will be first produced at its Mulhouse, France facility.
  • In a statement, the French Lion marque said that the new 408 is very different as it “demonstrates the creativity of its teams by offering a new fastback silhouette at the top of the C segment.”

    “This new age Peugeot offers a feline stance and unique allure, engineering excellence focused on efficiency and intelligent electrification, as well as the emotions provided by cutting-edge technologies dedicated to driving pleasure and instinctive use,” Peugeot described.

    Peugeot 408

    The new Peugeot 408 is 4,690mm long and 1,480mm tall with a 2,790mm wheelbase for that ample legroom. To further give a clearer idea of how roomy the vehicle is, the second row alone has a legroom of 188mm. It also has a boot space of 536 liters, which can increase up to 1,611 liters if the rear seats are folded down.

    Up front, the new Peugeot 408 wears the new brand emblem sitting at the center of the massive grille. Along with it are the chiseled headlamps flanked with fang-like daytime running lights. At the back, the vehicle sports three-claw LED lights.

    Peugeot 408

    The whole vehicle sits on 20-inch rims with 720mm diameter wheels.

    On the inside, occupants of Peugeot 408 are to be greeted by the latest i-Cockpit design. The driver gets to enjoy a compact steering wheel too.

    The latest addition to the Peugeot roster has various powertrain options: two 1.6-liter turbocharged engines with electric motors and one 1.2-liter power mill. All are matched to an eight-speed automatic transmission. However, the automaker said that an all-electric version will follow soon.

    Further, the latest model’s driver assistive features — which comes with six cameras and nine radars — are the following:

    •  adaptive cruise Control with stop-and-go function
    • night vision, (which warns of animals, pedestrians or cyclists ahead before they appear in the high beam)
    • blind spot monitoring ( up to 75 meters),
    • rear traffic alert

    Moreover, Peugeot shared that the new 408 will be retailed starting 2023 starting with the European market and will be produced first in the company’s Mulhouse, France facility. Peugeot is also eyeing to sell the vehicle in China, saying that it will be produced in Chengdu.

    Peugeot 408

    "At Peugeot, we believe that life is better with allure. With its unique look, innovative fastback silhouette and unbridled elegance, the new 408 is the perfect expression of the Peugeot brand's philosophy and inventiveness," Peugeot Chief Executive Officer Linda Jackson said.

    "Unexpected from every angle, the new Peugeot 408 has been designed for lovers of cars and of life, who want to break free from the traditional while seeking responsible pleasure. It embodies Peugeot’s exacting technological standards — controlled efficiency and a very high-level digital experience — as well as the intense emotions of instinctive driving pleasure”.

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