Porsche Celebrates 70th Year with 911 Speedster Concept

Porsche is celebrating its 70th anniversary by introducing the 911 Speedster Concept, an open-top machine that reflects the brand's sports car heritage.

Speaking of which, the German automaker says the 911 Speedster Concept is developed to deliver a "pure driving experience." The concept is based on the current GT models and it one was developed at the Porsche Motorsport Center, the birth place of the the 911 GT3, the 911 GT2 RS and, most recently, the 911 GT3 RS. The 911 Speedster Concept can deliver up to 500 hp and it comes with a six-speed manual transmission.

The exterior of the concept car features a traditional GT Silver and White paint, which is an echo of Porsche's early racing cars. It also comes with a 50s-style exterior mirrors that comes in the classic Talbot shape, which is another reference to the brand’s rich heritage of sports cars. The 911 Speedster Concept also has titanium tailpipes. Of note, the concept car doesn't come with an electric roof, but Porsche did say that it has a lightweight tonneau cover that gives protection to the car's interior.

Inside, you’ll be a bit surprised to know that the 911 Speedster Concept does not have a radio, navigation, and air conditioning. Why? This is to make the car as light as possible. Although, we can't help but wonder why the Speedster concept has air vents if it doesn’t come with air conditioning. Moving on, the car is equipped with bucket seats that are made of carbon fiber and it also has a light brown Aniline leather covers.

The 911 Speedster Concept gives us a glimpse of Porsche's potential series-production car--yes, this open-top machine is currently just for show. There’s no word yet if Porsche will enter this car to production. Watch the video below to know Porsche’s sports cars history in a nutshell.