Porsche Digital looks to redefine your in-car auditory experience with ‘Soundtrack My Life’


Porsche announced in a recent press release that Porsche Digital, the technology and digital unit of the Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer, is working on redefining its customer’s in-car auditory experience.

The company is developing an adaptive sound system that adjusts to the driver’s driving style dubbed “Soundtrack My Life.”

According to Porsche Digital Product Owner Norman Friedenberger, “This new technology isn’t about playing personalized playlists or simply adjusting the tempo and pitch of existing music to match the car’s speed. It's about creating an individual sound experience from a construction kit with a variety of sounds and musical structures during a drive. This is created by the driver and the journey in real-time. This will then sound different for everyone — as unique as the journey itself.”


To do this, Friedenberger explained, the driver must first select a basic musical mood. From here, the software will automatically play pre-composed musical elements based on how fast the car accelerates, how hard the driver hits the brakes, as well as from other centrifugal forces in the car.

Initial testing of the Soundtrack My Life was done on a Porsche Macan.

The team has created a smartphone app prototype of Soundtrack My Life. The German automaker has not yet decided whether to keep the adaptive auditory technology a downloadable application or to integrate the series production model in the Porsche Communication Management (PCM).

Porsche admits there is still no concrete plan to mass-produce the technology. The idea, however, is to create individualized music and special editions with well-known composers and offer it as a digital collector’s item.

Other future objectives include the ability to detect the driver’s mood and tailor the music based on the driver’s emotions. Friedenberger also dreams of real-time sound development in the cloud and sharing music online.

Geofencing is also something the developers are looking to add to Soundtrack My Life in the near future. This will allow the software to provide drivers with special soundtracks based on certain locations.


As of the moment, Soundtrack My Life can be used outside of the car. “You can use it anywhere there is movement. It reacts to mobile data,” said Friedenberger.

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