Porsche Will Appear in 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' Film

Forget the Land Speeder, Sandcrawler, the Death Star, and yes--even the iconic Millenium Falcon here. Who needs them when German automotive company Porsche is doing a collaboration with Disney in the upcoming "Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker" movie?

Besides, it's high time the Star Wars franchise involve vehicles that are made from something less distant in the galaxy. Germany, in our opinion, is a step closer towards that direction. Small baby steps, perhaps--but good nevertheless.

Interestingly, this joint effort between Porsche, Disney (and its subsidiary, LucasFilms) will occur simultaneously with Porsche's U.S. launch of  the Porsche Taycan, its first fully-electric vehicle.

Whatever the case, we think it's a partnership designed to whet the appetite of many fans around the world.

Even Porsche agrees. According to MSN Autos, it will be "honored in a way that is sure to ignite enthusiasm among two of the most passionate fan-bases in the galaxy".

No one knows how they plan to do this, though. And surely, the anticipation will keep fans awake, thus, giving them more wrinkles than Master Yoda himself. Still, there's no need to fret, because one thing we can definitely confirm is that there's a new Star Wars character that will make its debut in the film. This is confirmed not just by Porsche, but other major tie-up brands like Bose, General Mills and Dannon, Samsung, General Electric, United Airlines, and McDonald’s.

And here's a hint: this major character/alien is a cross between a pug-nosed cat and a pubescent E.T. If you can't picture it in your brain, allow us to give you a sneak peak:

So, do you have an idea which character this is? Perhaps it's from a galaxy far, far away. Or maybe it's closer to home--like the Philippines. Yes, it's high time our country gets represented in the Star Wars movie franchise. If not, we can settle as an extra in any Fast and Furious movie any time of day.

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