Smells like the Nissan Qashai


Nissan said that as part of the development process of its Qashqai SUV, one of the criteria to be satisfied is the car's interior scent.

As the “new car smell” is a key characteristic of any newly purchased vehicle, Nissan’s engineers ensure that the Qashqai's scent is just right. 

Of Nissan Technical Centre Europe Odor Evaluation Lead Engineer Peter Karl Eastland, the company said, "His unassuming job title doesn’t reflect what a unique and perhaps surprising role he plays in the development of Nissan’s European range of vehicles." 

Eastland has paid attention to the Qashqai’s fit and finish and materials including new premium leather, and user-friendly technology. But his main aim is to ensure that the life inside isn’t compromised by any unappealing odors.


"The evaluation process blends objective and subjective assessment in the pursuit of that perfect 'new-car smell,'" the carmaker added. 

Liaising with the Nissan engineering and manufacturing teams, Eastland and his team test all the materials, such as the soft material used for the diamond quilted seats on the Qashqai, in a variety of conditions to replicate real-world environments.

The odor engineer and his team factor in chemical properties of the materials, such as odor, that can change according to temperature. In case a potential new material or chemical is found to negatively affect the cabin ambience, the scent experts will then identify alternatives to those materials. 


Eastland has counterparts with whom he liaises at Nissan’s other technical centers in Atsugi, Japan and Farmington Hills, United States. Scent evaluators reflect its commitment in ensuring its global product range meet the highest quality standards, Nissan said. 

A 1.3-liter engine with a 12-volt mild hybrid system will power this crossover. The hybrid system will provide torque assist, extended idle stop, quick restart, and coasting stop to lower fuel economy and CO2 output. 

Photos from Nissan 

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