The Volkswagen Polo's cockpit goes digital


Aside from a host of safety features, the Volkswagen Polo is. becoming more of a tech expo with its Digital Cockpit. 

Volkswagen designed the Digital Cockpit in such a way that all the relevant driving information is available in a single line of sight. The digital instruments and the infotainment system merge into a single unit. 

"With its standard systematic integration of information, communication and entertainment, the Polo sets a new benchmark in it class," Volkswagen said. The Digital Cockpit is standard in all variants of the European subcompact


With a digital instrumentation measuring  seven inches, the Digital Cockpit is operated by the also standard multifunction steering wheel. The wheel also controls what Volkswagen called a "Composition Infotainment system" with a 6.1-inch touchscreen.

As an alternative to the buttons on the unit itself, the driver can also control many functions via the steering wheel, including access to the integrated Bluetooth mobile phone interface, digital radio reception (DAB+), and volume control.

Standard features also include various online services and functions of We Connect and We Connect Plus.

Meanwhile, various bits information can also be accessed by smartphone from outside the Polo, such as the status of the central locking system, the driving data, or the current parking position. If the parked Polo has been left unlocked accidentally, the car can be locked via smartphone.


Depending on trim level, the Polo also has App-Connect in which usual smartphone apps, including telephone, music, news, calendar and voice control (Siri / Google Assistant) functions, can be integrated into the Infotainment system.

Going back inside the Polo, two navigation systems, Discover Media and Discover Pro, are also available as optional extras. The systems feature enhanced music performance and a host of extended menu functions, VW said. 

A camera integrated into the windscreen is also connected to the systems’ Dynamic Road Sign Display function. Current road signs are communicated to the display and digital instruments as real-time information. Additionally, Discover Pro is equipped with intuitive voice control that can be used to operate the radio, telephone, and navigation functions.

If the new Polo is ordered with the optional two-zone automatic air-conditioning called Climatronic, digital controls for the system appear in the Polo for the first time, Volkswagen said.

The temperatures and fan can adjusted via touch sliders, and all other air conditioning functions and the heated seats by means of digital touch controls. 

As for the locally available Santana, a Blaupunkt infotainment system can be optioned for P31,000. It can display navigation and features Bluetooth connectivity.

Photos from Volkswagen

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