Vespa PH Launches Vespa Notte Series for Vespa Sprint, Vespa GTS Super

Vespa PH Launches Vespa Notte Series for Vespa Sprint, Vespa GTS Super

The Vespa Notte special series is dedicated to those who love attention to detail and meticulous finish of high-quality products that are a pleasure to own and show off.

Vespa Notte is the special series available for the Vespa Sprint (150 cc versions) and for the Vespa GTS Super (300 cc versions) and is therefore based on the technical and mechanical foundation of the most recent large-frame Vespa scooters.

The name selected for this series is a fitting introduction to its décor, characterized by total black graphics. The "night-time" style pairs the beautiful new opaque black of the chassis with numerous glossy black details, including the mirrors, the ornaments of the classic "tie" on the front shield, the handlebar ends, the passenger handle, and the extractable footpegs of the GTS Super Notte.

Refined details include a saddle dedicated to each model and a plate with the logo placed on the rear shield. The rims and muffler guard are also glossy black.

Different engines

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The Vespa Sprint Notte is available with 150 cc engine, which are part of the cutting edge family of Piaggio i-get engines. The 150 cc is the head of the i-get engine family: it too is a single-cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke engine equipped with electronic injection and three-valve distribution. Each detail from the exhaust to the inner structure of the transmission casing was designed to provide a smooth, quiet, and comfortable ride. A remarkably  environmentally-friendly engine capable of performance at the top of its category: the power and maximum torque of the i-get 150 cc engine are 13 hp at 7750 rpm and 12.8 Nm at 6500 rpm, figures that work with the proverbially light weight of all Vespa scooters to give the Vespa Sprint Notte a particularly lively acceleration.

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The Vespa GTS 300 Super Notte has a modern, high tech, single cylinder, four-stroke, four-valve, liquid cooled, electronic injection engine capable of putting out 21.2 hp at 7,750 rpm and a maximum torque of 22 Nm at just 5,000 rpm. Such figures ensure prompt acceleration and particularly brilliant performance, making the large frame special version Vespa the perfect vehicle to move about comfortably both in city traffic and for outdoor travel.

For further information, follow Vespa Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.

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