Yamaha PH teases upcoming 'Sniper 155'

Official launch expected to be in Q2 2024

New Yamaha Sniper 155

Yamaha Motor Philippines (YMPH) signals the nearing arrival of the Sniper 155’s new version after having its teaser recently.


  • What are the expected updates in the new Yamaha Sniper 155?

    As teased in a recent local event, the new Yamaha Sniper 155 will likely come with an updated front fairing and a new body color option.
  • When is the expected official Philippine launch of the new Yamaha Sniper 155?

    The new Yamaha Sniper 155 might be formally introduced to the country within the second half of 2024.
  • Three examples of the moped’s aforementioned version were used as a backdrop for McKinley Kyle Paz, April King Mascardo, and Gian Carlo Mauricio in a press conference last week following their achievements in the first round of the 2024 Asia Road Racing Championships.

    New Yamaha Sniper 155

    After the briefing with the riders, Carmudi Philippines checked out the displayed models and here’s what we have discovered.

    New Yamaha Sniper 155

    The new Yamaha Sniper 155’s front fairing features sharper lines and edges versus the ones currently offered in the market — with the upper left and right portions stretched for better coverage. The plastic portion that holds the brand emblem now comes with three gaps, unlike the present version that only has one.

    New Yamaha Sniper 155

    Also, the new Yamaha Sniper 155 wears a Cyan-like body color option in addition to the Race Blu and Black Raven.

    Also, the Yamaha Sniper 155 will likely be fitted with the same four-stroke, four-valve single overhead cam engine with variable valve actuation technology that can dish out as much as 7.6 horsepower and 14.4 Newton-meters of torque.

    New Yamaha Sniper 155

    The engine will probably be paired with a six-speed transmission with assist and slipper clutch function. Hydraulic disc brakes, as seen in the photo, will provide the motorcycle’s stopping power.

    New Yamaha Sniper 155

    Among the amenities seen on the new Yamaha Sniper 155 are the digital meter panel, electric panel, and smart key system.

    New Yamaha Sniper 155

    Customers may have to expect a slight increase in the pricing of the new offering, which will probably be released within the first half of the year. The existing version, to note, can be had for P129,900.

    New Yamaha Sniper 155 `

    To recall, the currently-retailed Yamaha Sniper 155 (which is offered in two variants) was launched to the country in May 2021.

    Photos from Ruben Manahan IV

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