VW ID Buzz debuts tomorrow, features stylish, sustainable interior


The Volkswagen ID Buzz will make its world premiere tomorrow, March 9. With its reintroduction, the iconic microbus offers familiar elements that have been rethought and redesigned.


  • What interior elements of the ID Buzz will feature unique and stylish colors?

    According to VW, on top of the white and fresh colors found in the cabin, the seat cushions, the dash panel, and the door trim can also be customized to reflect a number of hues.
  • What components of the ID Buzz's interior use sustainable materials?

    VW says that the steering wheel, seat covers, floor covers, and headliner, among others, were made using sustainable materials.
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    Its highlights include a stylish and sustainable interior that would appeal to many of today’s car buyers.

    According to Volkswagen, the ID Buzz’s cabin will feature a combination of “white and fresh colors” that incorporates style elements from the T1 generation tweaked to fit the current era of electric mobility. Volkswagen adds that the seat cushions, the dash panel, and the door trim, can also be had in a variety of colors.

    Interior lighting (optionally available with up to 30 colors) provides would-be owners with complementing atmospheric accent.

    Observant owners would also notice Buzz motifs that decorate the cabin in various places, which most of them, VW says, “are only discovered at second glance.”

    In line with the brand’s sustainability goals, the Volkswagen ID Buzz’s interior focuses on the use of sustainable materials. The microbus eschews leather and other materials of animal origin and is instead substituted with materials that have similar properties and feel.

    The steering wheel rim, for example, is made of polyurethane but it has the same high-quality look as leather and a similar feel. Its seat covers, floor covers, and headliner are made using recyclates — a type of material made from recycled products.

    Volkswagen will also use Seaqual yarn, a type of thread that consists of 10 percent marine plastic and 90 percent PES (recycled PET bottles). Volkswagen says that the use of this eco-friendly material in one of ID Buzz’s fabrics allows a saving of 32 percent carbon emissions compared to similar products.

    The ArtVelours Eco upholstery used by the Group in the ID. Buzz for the first time also comprises 71 percent recyclates.

    The Volkswagen ID Buzz will be offered in two variants at launch: a five-seater passenger van and a three-seater cargo van.

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