Luis Gono: "Want to be Good at Drifting? Play Video Games"

From Carlos Gono's Facebook page

If you want to be good at drifting, you can start with video games. According to Autoplus Sportzentrum's Luis Gono, aspiring racers who want to go drifting could also practice in video games. During the press con prior to the King of Nations Philippines 2018 (KONPH), Gono told reporters that part of his preparation for the race was to play video games like Gran Turismo for the Sony PlayStation. According to him, Gran Turismo has a great simulated feel for racers. Of course part of his advice given to aspirants was to invest time in practising. "You don't need a good car to start driving," Gono said. Gono, who has been part of the local motorsport scene, started his racing career at 13 years old. He has participated in the Toyota Vios Cup, Formula V1 Cup, and Time Attack, among others.   EDITOR'S NOTE: Gono's run at the recently-concluded KONPH2018 saw the young driver finish in the Top 8 but a broken alternator and fuel regulator forced him to retire from the race.  

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