WATCH: 'ASEAN-made' Peugeots roll out from production facility in Malaysia

Peugeot 5008

Stellantis recently released a video that features its manufacturing operation in Malaysia.


  • Where is Peugeot's production plant located?

    The featured Stellantis manufacturing facility is at Gurun, Kedah, Malaysia.
  • What are the Peugeot models produced in Malaysia?

    The Peugeot vehicles manufactured in Malaysia are the 5008, 3008, and 2008.
  • Titled “Peugeot SUVs: Made in ASEAN”, the video shows what is happening inside the production plant in Gurun, Kedah, in Malaysia and the rigorous tests that the vehicles produced there have to undergo.

    “Built in ASEAN for ASEAN, we’re proud to deliver high quality, locally- produced Peugeot vehicles to customers across Southeast Asia,” Stellantis ASEAN and General Distributors Senior Vice President Christophe Musy said.

    Peugeot manufacturing facility in Malaysia

    “This video shows our customers how Stellantis builds quality into every vehicle we manufacture and sell in the region,” he added.

    The company said that the featured video provides a detailed perspective of the facility’s manufacturing, quality and endurance testing practices, which ensures that all Peugeot vehicles are “built to withstand the dynamic local conditions that are unique to the region.”

    “We put ourselves in the customers shoes, and test for every possible scenario,” Stellantis Southeast Asia Regional Product Quality Engineer Mohd Yahya Mohd Edthir shared.

    Peugeot manufacturing facility in Malaysia

    “Highways, arterial roads, suburban streets, congested city traffic, uphill, downhill, sudden obstacles, hard cornering, mid-corner understeering. Whether in the day or night, dry or wet, in an empty or fully loaded car, it is tried and tested,” the official added.

    As outlined in the video, the Peugeot 20083008, and 5008 models have undergone a combined 500,000 kilometers of stringent endurance and quality testing in Malaysia.

    To note, the three models produced in Malaysia — together with the Traveller — are offered in the Philippine market by Astarathe French Lion brand’s latest distributor in the country.

    “Local production in Malaysia is important to us as we grow our manufacturing operations in the region so that we can build more vehicles and offer more choices for our customers,” Musy noted.

    Peugeot manufacturing facility in Malaysia

    In 2021, Stellantis achieved its best year on record in Southeast Asia after enjoying a 34 percent increase in sales volume.

    “We achieved record sales and market share in 2021 and we are extremely confident that we will see another record-breaking result in 2022. More car choices, a greater network and strong manufacturing will enable us to sustainably build our business while we continue to ensure the customer is at the center of everything we do,” Musy said.

    The “Peugeot SUVs: Made in ASEAN” video can be viewed in full here:

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