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Honda CRF

Off-road motorcycles and dirt bikes in the Philippines

Off-road motorcycles, also known as dirt bikes, are motorized two-wheeled vehicles that are specifically designed for off-road events. Some examples of off-road motorcycles are motocross, enduro, trials and rally raids.

Difference from road-going motorcycles

The design of dirt bikes is different from road-going motorcycles in a number of ways; off-road motorcycles are generally lighter and simpler, have a rugged frame construction with limited bodywork, a longer suspension travel, a higher ground clearance and they do not have windshields or fairings compared to most other types of motorbike.

Off road bikes usually have a larger front wheel (usually 21 inches) and a smaller rear wheel (typically 18 inches). These tires have rubber knobs which provide more traction by digging deep into the terrain’s surface. These kinds of tires are also fitted on all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and mountain bikes.

Examples of off-road motorcycles

Dirt bikes are built to traverse different terrains and overcome obstacles. Although these types of motorcycles are durable, they are also susceptible to damage and sometimes require parts to be replaced.

A few examples of this motorbike are the Suzuki V-Storm, Yamaha WR450 and Honda CRF.

Tips when buying used off-road motorbikes

Off-road motorbikes are prone to wear and tear because of the purpose they serve- which is to overcome rough terrains. Before purchasing a dirt bike it is important to remember that most motorcycle manufacturers have no warranty or have a shorter warranty period, especially for second hand dirt bikes.

Motorstar MSX

When buying this type of motorcycle, one must first consider the following:

  • Purpose- off-road bikes are designed differently from one another. Trails and enduro bikes, for example, have different makes for long distance, bush and trail riding.
  • Start with the basics- it is not suitable for beginners to drive a motorcycle with a high power output. These motorbikes are hard to control and can tire out their driver very quickly.
  • More grunt- off-roading on sandy locations requires almost twice the power it needs to run on a dirt road at the same speed. This kind of environment requires a better powered motorcycle.
  • Have a mechanic- always seek the advice of an expert when dealing with off-road bikes. Most used units, for example, have critical but almost invisible damage that could put you at risk.

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